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  • Phoebe Charlesworth

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  • Beatrice Werlock

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  • Cassia (Cass) Adams

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  • Celia Penwarden

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Thread: Witch

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    Hi guys!

    Which of these names do you see on a young, college-aged, modern-day witch? She sees herself as "average," with her her wavy dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and is of average height and weight. But as a witch, she is a force to be reckoned with--she has mastered all four elements--earth, air, water, and fire--as well as the Seven Wonders--telepathy, telekinesis, mind-control, teleportation, sight, intuition, and resurrection. She is in line to be the next Supreme of the witches, but the current Supreme--her own grandmother--is willing to do to any lengths to prevent that from happening.

    Which of these names (first & last) do you think fit this particular witch? Suggestions are always welcomed!
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    Celia Penwarden gives me a "witchy" vibe!
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