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    Thoghts on My Girls's List (Part Two). :)

    11. Sheila
    12. Amity
    13. Scotland
    14. Lola
    15. Zipporah
    16. Kailey
    17. Brightly
    18. Shirley
    19. Birdie
    20. Freya
    WDYT? I know my names aren't to everyone's tastes...
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    ARGHHH! I apologize for the typo in the thread title.

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    11. Sheila - I know it's dated, but I like it anyway. Has a lot of zing.
    12. Amity - I'm generally not a virtue-names person, and this one is no exception. It feels passive and boring, IMO.
    13. Scotland - Personally, I dislike it as a name. Even if I didn't, I'd avoid it due to the Kardashian association.
    14. Lola - Nice, but a little cutesy.
    15. Zipporah - Awesome. It's a shame the similar Sephora has been made ubiquitous by the makeup store.
    16. Kailey - You're definitely not going to find a lot of love for this one here on NB. Feels bland and boring to me.
    17. Brightly - Interesting. I don't much like it, but I could see it as a quirky mn.
    18. Shirley - Waaaaaaaayyyy NMS. The ultimate dated name, plus it has a frumpy sound. You're very brave.
    19. Birdie - Cute. I love it. It's a GP for me, though--I think it's a bit too insubstantial for the first spot.
    20. Freya - Lovely. Yeah, it's megapopular overseas, but still gorgeous.
    g w e n

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    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Mars Auberon Kieran Atlas

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    Isadora Maite ⋆ Coraline Octavia Luna ⋆ Cleo Amara ⋆ Adela Seraphine Lior
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    Thank you!!!

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    Sheila : I actually like it. It's fun to say it aloud.
    Amity : Adore this name. Virtues are always my thing.
    Scotland : cute name but I think it's better as a middle.
    Lola : i'am sorry but I really dislike that name.
    Zipporah : nms but it's interesting.
    Kailey : Like it. I like the similar Hailey better.
    Brightly : beautiful & interesting.
    Shirley : it feels dated to me.
    Birdie : it's cute but I prefer it as a nn.
    Freya : Such a stunning name!

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