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    8. Poll Gillian vs Jillian

    8: ‘SELECT FROM A POLL’ Form

    Genre of Oak Ash & Thorn: Fantasy

    Time Period/Location: Contemporary/USA

    Brief Plot: Main female character inherits a house in the Ozarks and learns about her ancestry, mainly that's she's a lesidhe, a forest guardian.

    Character Description: She was born and raised in San Francisco. A talented musician. Social butterfly. Loves food, eating it anyway. She's not much of a cook. Caucasian. Tall with dark hair. Prefers feminine, modest clothes: cardigans, pearls and lace. Mother was Catholic, and character was raised Catholic but is no longer practicing. Married young and divorced after less than a year, which caused all sorts of family drama.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Mother: Nora, father: Charles, both deceased. Charles and Nora grew up together in the Ozarks (Missouri), Charles in the house MC inherits and Nora in the town below the house. The fell in love and ran away. They use the surname North, though Charles was originally a Devlin.

    Already Considered (if relevant): Debating Gillian and Jillian. She's called Gillie or Jillie by friends.

    I can't decide which spelling I prefer. Which version of the name looks best on the page? I like the look of Gillian, but am worried people won't pronounce it correctly. I want the soft G sound, the same as Jillian.
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    I prefer Gillian, but it's an unusual name to find in the Ozarks, isn't it? My ex-husband's family is from southwest Missouri and they went from names like Bethuel and Dathan, Maragene and Noxene, to Andrea and Jason.

    I would imagine that people from Missouri would just spell it Jillian. Or at least the people I know from Joplin and Carthage and Springfield would. (And they'd put an Ashley in front of it: Ashley Jill, lol.) But I'm guessing your couple was trying to get as far away from their Ozarks roots as possible.

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    I voted for Jillian because when I see it spelled with the G I want to say gill, like what's on a fish.

    Also, I'm a native and current resident of the Ozarks, I find it interesting that you are setting a story here. If you decide to post it anywhere I'd love to read it.

    Good luck
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    I personally prefer the spelling of Gillian, but Jillian is more appropriate and common for the US.

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    I prefer Gillian - it just looks prettier to me and I love it more than Jillian.

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