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    Middle names for Bronwyn

    So my hubby and I haven't officially narrowed down our name choice to Bronwyn for our first little girl, but that's the front runner right now.

    Having trouble with a middle name. Here are some I've come up with:

    Bronwyn Kay
    Bronwyn Lark
    Bronwyn Cecily Io
    Bronwyn Giselle
    Bronwyn Azalea

    We are open to two middle names or one. Last name starts with an R.

    Please tell me what you think and give more suggestions!

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    All of them are pretty! Bronwyn Cecily Io is intriguing! Second choice would be Lark/Azalea. I like the 2-1 or 2-3 syllable matches.
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    Does Bronwyn flow well with your "R" surname? W's and R's are really difficult to pronounce together in some cases. Since it's a unisex name, I would pair it with something more feminine and since it has a "y" in it, straight-line names "look" best with it (Lark, Giselle, Azalea).

    Bronwyn Juliet
    Bronwyn Louise
    Bronwyn Clementine
    Bronwyn Cordelia
    Bronwyn Isabel
    Bronwyn Genevieve

    FYI - Bronwen is the Welsh FEMALE spelling of the name and Bronwyn the male one. I like Bronwen for a girl - it has a mix of sounds - strong (Bron) and soft (wen). I find that blend quite appealing.
    All the best,

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    Just want to second Mischa to make sure you know Bronwen-with-an-E is the feminine spelling, and the Y is for men. In Wales at least.

    Also there is a member of nameberry who has a daughter named Bronwen; she's roughly 8 years old or so, and she mentions frequently that Bronwen has a bit of rough going out in the world where *no one* seems able to catch her name on the first try. It's proven to be way more unfamiliar than this member expected.

    Anyway, it's a lovely name. I really like the three syllable names ending with A as a middle, since Bronwe/yn is so consonant-heavy. Azalea might not be my first choice but it works beautifully phonetically. Other thoughts include Arista, Acadia, Adria, Alara, Althea, Alessandra, Amadea, Annora, Astraea, or Aurelia.
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