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    Wink name shame- Is it just me?

    I was talking to a friend about names recently. She likes Ashlyn, Brianna, & Kennedy for girls, and Nick, Ryan, and Harrison for boys. All normal, none interesting, absolutely not my style.

    The weird thing was that I didn't really want to say what my favorite names were. I didn't want to admit that Beatrix, Leonie, Mercy and Ophelia are on my list, as well as Silas, Otto, Lionel and Caspian. I had name shame!

    Have any of you ever experienced this? Do you like names that are accepted on Nameberry but might seem weird or ugly to people who like names like Jayden and Maci? Have you ever not wanted to admit your favorite names to someone outside of the Nameberry community?

    Maybe this is ridiculous, but I really was uncomfortable sharing my favorite names- my naming taste must just be too sophisticated for the world outside Nameberry :P

    Thanks for any input!
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    This exactly!

    I was talking to some friends last week, talking about what we would name our children. She was saying names like Emily and Megan. I felt too embarrassed to say Rowena and Genevieve were my among favourite names, as they seemed so abnormal next the the common Emily

    I eventually told them, after a girl said that she would name her daughter Kiki Lola. And to be honest, I got weirder looks than she did! However, I love my naming taste. I don't care what they think!
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    I'm the same! I was talking names with two friends recently and their favourites were Olivia and Amelia. I felt a bit embarrassed when I said that I liked Edith and Margot and the faces they pulled really didn't help!

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    I do the same. I will tell my sister the names I truly like even though she hates them. My friends I would tell that I like Isaac, James, etc. but I don't think they would react well to the likes Tadhg and Bjorn or Blaire, Rasia and Milena.

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    Firstly, I love Beatrix, Silas and especially Caspian, and secondly, I am kind of worried about the comments I'd get from friends. We very rarely talk about names, and none of them know how important the names I like are to me (they'd think I'm crazy thinking about kids now), so I get a bit defensive about them, if you know what I mean. A lot of the names I like are a bit out there in the real world, and one of my friends has already said she likes Phoenix (for a girl) but can't imagine one in a job interview (in England it really isn't very popular), and that's the most normal name I want to use! But I don't think it matters what they think, I like my faves regardless.
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