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    Does having two middle names in the US make legal things difficult?

    My husband and I have been talking about using two middle names but he is concerned about how hard if would make things in their adult life. Just hoping to hear from your experiences. How hard is it with things like drivers license, passport, and any other legal documents?

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    I don't have any personal experience with this, but I know several people with 2 middle names and I've never heard any stories of complications

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    No problems whatsoever, from what I have been told (I asked around as much as I could; you would be surprised how many people have more than one middle name). Forms either include all of the names, or the middle initial (which would just be the first initial of the first middle name). I know a lot of people with two middles, or two last names, or two first isn't more difficult with more than having just three (first middle last) names. I would imagine at some point it would be (i.e.: three middles and then a hyphenated last name), but I wouldn't worry about two middles.

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    I have 2 middle names...not by birth but after I married I made my maiden name into a second middle name. I haven't ever had any problems. Since getting married I have gotten my passport renewed, changed my names on all my bank info etc. I'm American but live in people are much more confused by it but I think that has more to do with the fact that my maiden name is now a second middle...I don't think you can legally do that here.

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    Ok thanks so much! I am really liking the idea and was hoping it wouldn't be difficult. My husband has two names for a first and has had trouble with that but he is more ok with the two middle names. I just love it! Thanks for your help!

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