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    Too much to ask?

    I want a name that is completely different. I don't mean that it's made up or spelled (dumb) differently and I don't care if someone already has the name but I just want something that isn't in the top 1000 but it is still cool...

    I want it to have an O in it as well...

    I like names for a girl that could be a boys name but never vice versa....(when I tell people I was named after my dad, Kelly, people always think ...why did your dad have a woman's name)

    My last name has Sun at the beginning but I don't mind alliteration
    I have one child with a S name and another with a J....

    Any ideas?

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    "A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
    Jack Rowan AugustPiers Lachlan WilderCharlie Everett GrayHenry Oliver Birch
    Lily Anne VesperSophie Jane MagnoliaEliza Margaret Birdie

    <3 heart my son <3

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    Thank you lovemysweeties I love most of these....

    anniston- reminds me too much of "Team Anniston"
    avalon- I live near the Jersey Shore and this is a beach there...although very pretty...I feel like people would ask "was she conceived there?"
    Baylor- go bears! Love this as an alternative to Bailey
    Sailor- Cute!
    Bronwen- is this Bron-win?
    Echo- cute!
    Meadow- this is gonna sound bad but I have a memory of a very heavy set girl who was gluten free in my class...she was very mean
    Coralie, Coraline, Coralia - LOVE ALL THINGS Cor...
    Story- good but reminds me of the Lady in the water film
    Poet- not my speed
    Poppy- we used to have a dog named this!
    Posey- very cute!
    Elliot- very popular in my neck of the woods
    Could Lochlan be a girls name? I love Lachy (Lucky) as a nn....but is this like naming your daughter Robert?
    Oakley- meh
    Marlo- I LOVE THIS!
    Harlow- nicole richie
    Rory- meh
    Scout- LOVE THIS but didn't know if it was too popular with Demi moores daughter...."oh you named her after demi moore"

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    It would be easier to suggest names if we had an idea of your style, what names do you like in the top 1000? I don't know exactly what you mean by cool, as we all have different tastes in names. If you mean a name that sounds mainstream, but isn't, here are a few ideas
    Do any of these appeal to you or are they the wrong style entirely? I've found several unusual names I like by reading the name of the day posts at , so you could try that too.
    ~ Elisabeth Odelia "Elsie" ~ Gideon Boone ~
    ~ Adelheid Ruby "Addie Rue" ~ Theodore Solomon "Teddy"~
    ~ Casilda Josephine "Cassie Jo" ~ Zaccheaus Westley "Zeke" ~

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    Thanks! and good question. My version of cool is ....

    not too feminine- a name that could appear on a Resume respectively but then the NN ( I LOOOOOVE nn) is cute or original.

    I don't like anything that starts with vowels (for me...other people thats fine)
    I like it to be a smidgen androgynous - like I said my last name begins with Sun and is spelled like a piece of IKEA furniture so I don't like to get too crazy with spellings or pronunciations...

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