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    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    My aunt says the same thing. Most forms one have space for a single middle, I don't know how she deals with it but it is a complaint she makes.
    I make this complaint too. I have 2 middle names in the US. It's not a problem getting 2 middle names printed on driver's licenses or passports. But it's true that US forms don't recognize 2nd middle names & allow only 1 space in the middle initial spot, so where my name must be submitted through such a form - which is most cases - I have to drop my 2nd middle name & my name no longer exactly matches my DL or passport. Also, on some occasions with banks, cc's, & such, my 2nd middle name has been erroneously printed as if it were the beginning of a two-part surname & I always have to go back & have it corrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allimeg View Post
    My husband and I have been talking about using two middle names but he is concerned about how hard if would make things in their adult life. Just hoping to hear from your experiences. How hard is it with things like drivers license, passport, and any other legal documents?
    No, this is an old family tradition and none of us had problems. Now, my sister-in-law dated a young man who had more than 3 names-first middle middle middle surname ect... He had 12 names, and his entire drivers license was garbled mess of letters. He had to condense his first name Alexander to Alex to include most of his letters of his name plus is last name. He ended up knocking off 2 letters. At graduation, people were confused when this long name extended past 3 names and kept going. They were surprised to see one man walk down across the stage to receive a diploma. In "certain" scenarios like that a VERY long name can become a nuisance. However, I have met others who simple do not put their full name on driver licenses, passports, graduation certificates. Its just on their birth certificate, and they are proud of their very long middle names, just NOT THAT proud to make the dmv office or attendees in a ceremony bear witness to your pedigree.

    I personal like no more than 3 middle names. It meets dmv, passport, graduation certification, social security card, marriage announcements, birth announcements, funeral annoucement, "etiquette". It looks nice, formal without appearing presumptuous.

    With that said, I wouldn't deny a parent the right to choose more than one family member to honor, ESPECIALLY if it is their ONLY child and ONLY chance to get pregnant. Their are ways around it so that it doesn't become a nightmare. Besides many people go by their middle names as a opposed to their first christened name. I went by both my first and middle name most of my life, and I had it announced at graduation, had it on my driver license, soc card, passport, wedding announcements ect... Where as my husband hates his middle name and NEVER goes by it in any of the above scenarios. I finally talked him into adding it on his license renewal and out marriage announcements to make it match with mine. Everyone is a bit different in their preferences.
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    I have two middle names. The only problem I’ve ever had is having someone misspell one of them - clearly not a multiple mn problem.

    I don’t think two or three mn’s would make a difference - I could see length being an issue. I have 27 letters + 3 spaces in my name and I’ve never had a problem on a form before. If that helps.

    Because I have two mn’s I get a little annoyed that forms as for middle initial and only have space for one. So I either do fn 1mn 2mn ln on forms or just fn ln (all my school stuff, SAT’s, etc only have fn ln). It’s never been a problem. That said, my ln is very uncommon - when I google mn fn ln combo I’m one of two - and the only one in english on the net so it might make it easier. mn FI has a very common fn and very common ln when I have to fill in his they always ask if he has a mn or if I have his SS#. For him having a distinctive mn is really important and shows up on everything.
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    All the women in my family have 2 middle names. I've never had any issues with it.

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