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    Also if you're not actually expecting, and you're not actually using your grandmother's name but rather a symbolic tribute, it's probably not fair to be upset with him. If you really want to honor her, use Susan. If you're drawn to Lily because it's pretty and has that subtle connection, simply be honest with yourself that that's why you like it and think of another route to the honorific. Maybe an S name?

    And honestly, Lily in the middle slot with cousin Lillian in the first slot isn't too close to bear.
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    I don't particularly like the name Susan. Which is why I decided to go with the meaning. And I thought it was perfect since Lily is actually a name. It's not like her name means "gust of wind" or something like that lol

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    I thought it'd be too close because they will call her Lily all the time. Lillian is more of the formal version. Her name will practically be Lily so there's no point in me using the same name for a middle name.

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    Also, I CHOSE Lily for the connection to Susan. It's cute, yes. But if it didn't have that connection it wouldn't ave been in the running for me.

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    I'd still use Lily! Especially if it's going in the middle spot. Talk to your brother and SIL now to let them know you've had it picked out for ages for a special reason. You never know they may change their choice if they know you will use it no matter what! Failing that, what about Suzy? She is so adorable and very underrated imo! She has the cute factor that Lily has and also honours your grandmother in a much more personal and obvious way.

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