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    Are they too close?

    We are expecting our fourth (and final) baby and our second daughter! My husband and I are in love with the name Lila, but we've been told by a few friends that it's too similar to our daughter's name, Stella.

    Do you think Stella and Lila are too close for sisters? Also, does Lila Tracy flow well? Tracy needs to be her middle name since it honors an important family member.

    If you think Lila is too close to Stella, please give us a few other suggestions that you think would fit nicely with our children's: Henry Robert, Oliver Daniel, and Stella Jean.


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    I don't think Stella and Lila are too similar at all. Yes they both end in -la but I think the first syllable of both names are very different sounding. I know sisters named Lila and Eliza! I think those two names are a bit too close but the "Stel" sound in Stella makes it very different to Lila. Plus if you love it go for it! Lila Tracy is lovely Tracy adds a bit of seriousness to the cuteness of Lila.
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    How are you pronouncing it?

    something else?

    the third would be closer than the other two.

    Honestly, I'd avoid it in general because of all the spelling and pronunciation variants.
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    I love both names, and they are NOT too close at all.

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    I don't think they are too close! They are both beautiful. And I agree with ellie24, the Tracy adds some seriousness to Lila. I actually really like Lila Tracy, which is interesting because to be 100% honest I'm not too fond of the name Tracy in general. But paired with Lila I really like it!

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