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    How to refresh Martha?

    This is just for grins and giggles.

    What middle names could refresh Martha? I'm looking for ideas that feel lively and young to help give Martha a spunkier, lighter feel. Nothing along the lines of Alice or Helen; I'm looking for ideas more along the lines of Wren and Niamh. This would be for a first/middle combo, but this little Martha would go by both names.

    Any suggestions?
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    How timely - I was just looking up Martha this morning! It has real potential and could easily be lightened up with a fresh middle. I keep leaning toward shorter nature names.

    Martha Bay (too geographic sounding?)
    Martha Lark (my favorite bird name - but the double "ar" is heavy)
    Martha Dove
    Martha Brynn (NMS but it sure is popular!)
    Martha Sage
    Martha Lux
    Martha Alix
    Martha Maple
    Martha Veda
    Martha Willow
    Martha Fleur
    Martha Winter
    Martha Linden (mmm... actually a bit too first name-last name sounding for me)
    Martha Clover
    Martha Plum
    Martha Neve
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    I went to college with a Marta who went by Merry (pronounced Mary). Something to think about?
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    Sorry for any repeats!
    Martha Everly
    Martha Sage
    Martha Clio
    Martha Juniper

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