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Thread: Felicity

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    I didn't even realise Felicity was a 'word' so it can't be that commonly used. To me it's a name through and through. I know a Felicity who goes by Flick.
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    I adore Felicity. It's always been one of my favourites. Felicity has a charming, happy, tinkly feel to me! It doesn't feel wordy to me as Felicity hasn't been used as a word (in ordinary conversation) for a century.

    Edit to add: Felicity seems strangely popular where I live. I know three - they go by Flick, Flik and Fliss. My favourite is Fliss!

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    I didn't even know Felicity was a word name! lol. It's gorgeous and I love it.
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    I don't think of Felicity as a word name. If you think about it, every name could be a word name because they all mean something.

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    95% of the time when I introduce my daughter Felicity, people are 1) completely unfamiliar with the name and 2) have no idea that it means happiness, so they are unfamiliar with the root word! And I have to say, I go by her nickname that my husband came up with, "Lissy", 80% of the time, much more than I thought I would, but it is just so natural!

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