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Thread: Felicity

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    Hello Berries!
    I have liked Felicity for a long time. Felicity was one of the American Girl dolls (of which I had several) and she was my favorite (even though I have her). So Felicity has been a name I have liked for a while.
    Anyway, I have her on my middle names list since as long as I've had that list, but now I'm wondering if she should be on my first names list. I also found a cool saint named Felicitas (Felicity) and she was really cool so that made me like the name more. My problem: I am not a huge fan of word names. Is Felicity too wordy? Are people going to think of the word or not realize it?
    Please mention any opinions of Felicity. I love to hear what you guys have to say.
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    I don't think of Felicity as a word name really...certainly not in the same way I do as Faith, Hope, Rose etc. I actually know a Felicitas and she goes by the nn Felly ( I'm not sure if this is how she spells it but it's pronounced Faye-ley). I think both names are really lovely!

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    I don't think Felicity is a wordy name. I like it as a first name it's very pretty.

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    Same as above, I don't feel Felicity is too wordy, I think it's pretty and feminine. There's a character on the tv show "Arrow," who is named Felicity, and goes by Felicity 100% of the time.

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    Felicity is one of those names that make me smile. It has a spunky vibe and a joyful spirit. It's a word name but it's not as wordy to me as names like Willow, Reverie or Sage. That's probably due to the fact that Felicity has been a first name for much longer. It has a saintly pedigree as well as a Puritan one so I wouldn't get too hung up on the word. How many people use the word felicity in every day life?
    All the best,

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