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    My favorites from your list are by far Tessa and Willa, both great names that are stylish and familiar without being overused.

    Emmy is of course adorable but I really worry that you are going to hear it coming and going. It is used as a short form for so many other names that have been megapopular for a long time -- Emma and Emily but also Emerson, Emilia, Emmeline and so on -- that it feels to me like the Jenny of this era. I would urge you to look beyond Emmy and since you like Tessa and Willa which are wonderful names, why not focus on those?

    The others are all a bit too trendy, in my opinion.
    Pam Satran

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    What about Gemma nn Emmy? Or Noemi?

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    Emmy is one that we truly love (which is weird to say since all of our other favorites are names that we can't use) which is why I think we are trying to hold on so badly. However, it seems as though my fiancé isn't going to agree to it as a full name in which case we would then let the name go. (My next favorite is Lila, which he doesn't love but hasn't said 'no' to).

    Sadly, the more I look and say Willa, the more I think I begin to dislike it (My fiancé hasn't said if he has another favorite from the list)

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    I like Gemma but my fiancé doesn't and neither of us like the sound or look of Noemi. We're absolutely positive at this point that we are not looking for any longer forms of Emmy because we don't like/love them or won't agree on them

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