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    Our confusing list of eight names

    You guys seriously rock! My fiancé and I have a good eight names that we can both agree one and actually use (which is more than we had before posting!)

    Now I'm just curious what reactions are to the list and which people think is best! So, thoughts? Favorites? Other suggestions? (Other suggestions are awesome as long as they are not too similar to Adalyn, Ava, Madeleine/Madelyn, or Sophia)

    -Still not loving Emmeline but it is the only full name option we remotely like (we don't like/can't agree on Emelia/Emilia, Emily, Emma, Ember, Emerson/Emery, or Empress and he isn't sure about Emmy as a full name)
    Lila (My fiancé is warming up to it)
    -Don't like/can't agree on any full names (no to Lucille, Lucinda, Lucienne, or Lucia) and he isn't sure about it as a full name

    If you missed our other thread, we have a boy name picked out, which is Landon, and the baby's last name is similar in sound to "bowling". A middle name still isn't finalized but we still really like the idea of using a name of a family member or close friend.

    Sorry about another long post and thank you so much again for your help!
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    My favourite from your list is Audrey followed by Lucy. Lila and Willa are lovely too but I think Audrey is best because it doesn't have an "l" (l's can be tricky with your surname "bowling" which already has one). Aria and Isla seem to be trendy "flavour-of-the-month" names because I'm seeing them around a lot. Emmy is too nickname-y. I prefer Tess to Tessa but Tessa "bowling" flows well.

    Top Three

    1 Audrey
    2 Lucy
    3 Tessa
    All the best,

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    You've got a great list! My personal favorites are Audrey, Emmy and Isla. With potential sibling Landon, I like Audrey, Isla, Willa and Tessa the best. Landon is sophisticated but modern, so I would go for a name with a similar feel.

    I understand how you feel about Emmy. I'd be inclined to just use it as the full name. It's more substantial than Maisie or Millie, and I don't think it's too terribly cutesy. Have you considered Emmanuelle for a full name?
    I almost LOLed at Empress. :P
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    I have a friend named Manuela (Manu) so Emmanuelle is too close for me and we both think Emmanuelle is really long and somewhat complicated.

    I can't remember if Empress was a real or serious suggestion but my fiancé liked it (but I put my foot down on that one)

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    You may like Emme pronounced as the letter M.

    Emberly and Ember, Emiliana or Emmett.

    The initial of her first and middle name could be EM, then her nickname could be Emme.

    Audrey is my favorite, but it is getting very popular, as long as it doesn't bother you. Isla is very pretty. Tess is adorable, Tessa sounds more complete, so I I guess Tessa wins my third place vote.

    You may be interested in:

    Audra, Ellis, Louisa ( lou EES ah ), Iris, Ivy or Fiona

    Emerald or Emrys ( EHM riss )

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