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    Beautiful list. My favorites are Aria, Emmy (my personal favorite would be Emma), Isla, Lila (if it's the lil-ah pronunciation, I do not care for lie-lah), Tessa, and Willa. I like Audrey and Lucy.

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    I think this is a great list! You have a hard choice ahead of you with such great names

    Aria--I think this is very pretty, but it feels a little trendy to me and I associate it with Game of Thrones pretty strongly.
    Audrey--I don't LOVE this, but I do think it's very pretty. It's a beautiful classic.
    Emmy--doesn't feel like an established name to me. maybe as a middle?
    Isla--LOVE this one. it's sooo beautiful.
    Lila--I think it's pretty but I don't love it. I associate it very strongly with a unappealing character from Dexter.
    Lucy--I think that this is a very well established name and it doesn't feel nicknamey to me at all. I know many full grown Lucys and love the name.
    Tessa--this is my favorite from your list! I would love a little girl named Tessa, but unfortunately it's a little too close to my own name. It just sounds so precious and refined.
    Willa--I think of Willa Ford and a Willa I know personally but have never been fond of, so the name is too tainted for me to really judge.

    My vote: Tessa

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    Quote Originally Posted by althepal View Post
    You guys seriously rock! My fiancé and I have a good eight names that we can both agree one and actually use (which is more than we had before posting!)

    Now I'm just curious what reactions are to the list and which people think is best! So, thoughts? Favorites? Other suggestions? (Other suggestions are awesome as long as they are not too similar to Adalyn, Ava, Madeleine/Madelyn, or Sophia)

    -Still not loving Emmeline but it is the only full name option we remotely like (we don't like/can't agree on Emelia/Emilia, Emily, Emma, Ember, Emerson/Emery, or Empress and he isn't sure about Emmy as a full name)
    Lila (My fiancé is warming up to it)
    -Don't like/can't agree on any full names (no to Lucille, Lucinda, Lucienne, or Lucia) and he isn't sure about it as a full name

    If you missed our other thread, we have a boy name picked out, which is Landon, and the baby's last name is similar in sound to "bowling". A middle name still isn't finalized but we still really like the idea of using a name of a family member or close friend.

    Sorry about another long post and thank you so much again for your help!
    Aria - A lovely elegant choice. With a great Italian sound. She has lovely meanings connected to the choice. In music an aria is a solo performed by leading character in an opera which I think is really intriguing. I also love the Hebrew connection. This choice is of Hebrew origin and has ths meaning lioness which I think is great.

    Audrey - Another effortless classic she has an old school Hollywood glamour vibe which I find so pretty. Audrey is just a great classic.

    Emmy - I do like this choice, yes I prefer as a nickname, but still nickname-names are so popular in the UK and I can see Emmy fitting right in with the likes of Winnie, Hattie, Elsie, Tilly, Evie, and Lulu which appear to be rising in popularity. I prefer the spelling Emme though looks visually prettier.

    Isla- Another gorgeous choice. Isla sounds fresh, has a rural wholesome sound. She conjures up images of pebbled beaches, the roaring sea and grey blue sky's. Isla is great.

    Lila - I do love Lila, she sounds warm and sunny. Lila has a relaxed almost Mediterranean sound she's just sugary and gorgeous.

    Lucy - Incredibly popular in the UK never liked the sound always reminds me of the word loose. I also dislike the Lucy names like Lucinda and Lucille.

    Tessa - Again dislike, the sound is unattractive.

    Willa - Another lovely choice, I'm quitting the negativity here after two names in a row ; ) Willa sounds fresh and spunky. She has a quirky vibe it's a great name.

    : )

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    I like Lila, Tessa, and Willa. What about Imogen with nn Emmy/Immy?
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    @lovemysweeties, we've never heard the pronunciation "lil-ah" where we live it's always "Lie-lah" which we prefer (lil-ah sounds incomplete to both of us)

    @jesslyn, neither of us watch Dexter so we had no idea there was a connection with a character! (and neither of us were 100% sure who Willa Ford is, I had a vague idea but had to google her first)

    @tori101, I don't mind the spelling Emme but we only LOVE Emmy. My fiancé is worried that Emme will be pronounced "M" which I can understand!

    @shilo, I like Imogen but my fiancé doesn't (and we don't see how Emmy could come from it and neither of us like "Immy")

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