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    Well how about Lillian it's fairly close to Lila it's old fashioned to suit your taste and it's on the rise since i believe your fiance like well known names. Or Layla. And have you thought of Arriah (Uh-ry-uh) or Allora

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    @waverly123, I don't have a problem with Lucy as a full name. I agree with you that it is well established and works on its own. My fiancé doesn't share that same opinion though

    @matti12, we don't have a son named Landon (that is just the boy name we have picked out since we don't know the sex of the baby) so we don't have to worry about names being too similar. Your suggestions are a bit much and for the most part are too repeated letter heavy for us (I don't mind when it's short, like Emmy, but in longer names it's a bit much for me)

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    I like: Lillian/Lily
    -He finds them a bit boring

    He likes: Layla and Arriah
    -I've always associated Layla with a not-so-nice word and I don't find it attractive and to me, Arriah looks like a misspelled version of Aria and I'm not fond of the sound

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    I love Isla, Lucy, Audrey, and Willa. Emmy is a cute nickname, but it's too cutesy for a full name in my opinion. The only other name I can think of that it could be a nickname for is Amelia.
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    My favorites are:
    Lucy (This is my full name and I think its fine to use alone)
    Emmy (I think Emmeline is the best choice for a longer name)
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