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Thread: Thoughts Needed

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    Thoughts Needed

    I've been thinking about my name lists more and more, and I'm really happy with what I have, but I'm a bit stuck on a few names.

    Lettie - I saw a girl on my twitter account who's about my age named Lettie. She's just Lettie, and I really like it, but I'm not sure how I should use it. A nickname for Violet? A standalone choice like Lottie?

    Evie & Grace - I've always had a soft spot for Evie, and I'm currently trying to decide which combo is nicer, Grace Ophelia or Evie Rosetta. I want Evie, but I feel as though she might be too cute (although I like just plain Evelyn, no nn's), and I like Grace (nn Gracie), but I feel like Grace might be too dull. What do you think?

    Gracie-May/Elsie-May/Amelie-Grace - normally I don't love hyphen names, but these three are really sticking out for me. How do you feel about hyphenated names? Which of these three (if any) would you use?

    Dottie - Is Dottie a nice nn for Dorothea? I've noticed that Dottie has slightly more usage in the UK than Dorothea does (Dottie had 27 births in 2012, Dorothea only had 16), so would just straight up using Dottie be better than Dorothea nn Dottie?

    May - I like it a lot, but I'm finding it really hard to find middle names for it. Every time I think I have one, it feels as though it would better if I reversed the ordering and used May in the middle spot. So far all I like is May Delilah.

    Lila - Does Lila cause pronunciation problems? I'm using the LY-la pronunciation. Would a little Lila constantly be correcting people from using LEE-la?

    Pearl - I love Pearl, and I think it's adorable, but does it work in the first spot? Using it as a middle name, I like Louisa Pearl, Dulcie Amaryllis Pearl, Charlotte Louisa Pearl and Florence Pearl. Which combo would you use it with?

    Lucy & Tallulah - What do you think of Evelyn Lucy? Is it better than Evelyn Tallulah?

    A few other questions:

    How do you feel about double middle names? I'm finding some that I adore (Violet Rosalind May, Charlotte Louisa Pearl, Florence Alethea May), but others that just don't work.

    Is my style TOO girly and cute? Normally I don't care, but, I'm starting to see more and more people say how cute, girlier names can be 'damaging' and, although comments like 'can you picture a boss being named that?!' annoy me, they still make me question a lot of my choices. (My list, for those of you who want to have a look: )

    Thanks everyone!
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    Lettie - I would use Lettie as a nn for Violet. I don’t consider Lottie a stand along choice, and Lettie sounds even more made up.
    Evie & Grace - I vastly prefer Evie, but nn Gracie is cute. I just don’t like the name Grace, sorry. Grace Ophelia is pretty, Evie Rosetta is stunning. Why not Evie Ophelia though? One I really like right now is Jane Ophelia. Jane nn Janie?
    Gracie-May, Elsie-May, Amelie-Grace - I don’t like hyphen names, sorry. I don’t like Grace, but I like Elsie and Amelie. My favourite of these would be Elsie-May.
    Dottie - Another nn for me. Dottie is nice for Dorothea (and Dorothy and Theodora).
    May - May Delilah is sweet, but that’s 2 word names, which I normally try to avoid. I bet you think it’s better reversed because May is just such a common MN. How about Mae Diana? I think a lot of names work reversed ie. Charlotte Louisa vs. Louisa Charlotte - they both work.
    Lila - I would pronounce Lila LY-la, not Leela. I don’t think Lee-la is very common.
    Pearl - Sure. I prefer is as a middle, but it works everywhere. I like Louisa Peal the most, mainly because I don’t love 2 MN’s. But Dulcie Amaryllis Pearl is nice too.
    Lucy & Tallulah - Evelyn Lucy is more my style, but this is 2 old fashioned names. Tallulah has a bit more spunk.

    I do like Florence Alethea May a lot. I do believe your style is a bit cute and girly, I think you really need to picture a grown up named Lettie or Gracie-May. However, it’s YOUR style for a reason, it’s what you like. You like what you like, and that’s fine. Some names are not my taste, but I would not consider Grace, May, Lila, Pearl, Lucy or Tallulah to be too “cutesy and girly”. Evie is a bit cutesy, but I like it regardless.

    My favourite of your ideas is Evie Rosetta. I might even add that to my list. It’s just so great. Could you picture sisters name Jane Ophelia and Evie Rosetta? Adorable.

    Beatrice Flora Jane, Clara Felicity Kate, Rosalie Linnea Tess, Alexa Coralie Eve, Emmeline Alaska Sophie,
    Charlie Jay, Gideon Bruce, Henry Liam

    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
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    @waverly123 - oh my goodness that is adorable! I was liking Evie, Florence and Sophie for myself :-) Evie Rosetta, Florence Alethea and Sophie Beatrice.

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    Lettie - I'd use it as a nickname for Violet, too. You know me, I'm greedy, I need to have a formal name and a nickname. I need to have as much names in one as possible! But that's me. I think it's usable on its own, too. I also like it as a nickname for Letitia, Leta or Lettice.
    Evie & Grace - I like both names equally, but out of the combos I prefer Grace Ophelia. It sounds sophisticated and magical and I don't think Grace as a first name is dull.
    Gracie-May/Elsie-May/Amelie-Grace - I like all three. I wouldn't use a hyphenated name myself, but I've got nothing against them. My favorite is probably Amelie-Grace. I prefer May spelled Mae.
    Dottie - Again, it's me, I'd pick Dorothea just becauuuuse one day she might want to use Thea. I think it's up to you, you can use it on its own or as a nickname, it works either way.
    May - I love it, but like I said I prefer Mae. I get what you mean, most middle names would outshine May/Mae because they are longer/heavier. I like May Clementine, May Florence, May Emmeline, May Georgina.
    Lila - Honestly, I don't know how most people are inclined to pronounce it, I'm not in an English-speaking country. I think I'd probably go with Lyla if I wanted to get the pronunciation you like.
    Pearl - I think it works both as a first and as a middle perfectly, but I prefer it as a middle. I've heard someone used Pearl as a first with the nickname Polly and I thought it was adorable. I like Pearl Harriet and Pearl Beatrice. As a middle, I like Charlotte Louisa Pearl and Florence Pearl.
    Lucy & Tallulah - While in general I prefer Tallulah, I think Evelyn Lucy is better. Tallulah feels a bit different in style to me.

    I like double middle names, I don't think they are pretentious, but yes, they can be hard to make. I'm still thinking if I'd want to use one day or not.

    I think your style is cute, but not too cute. Too cute is Honey Cinnamon. Your names are lovely and stylish. I do think names like Dottie and Lettie might be hard to live with for certain personalities, buuut well, let's just hope your future baby is not super serious. Let's hope she's sweet and happy like her mom and loves her cute name.
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    Lettie - Lettie is cute but I think I would use it as a nn for Violet (I love Violet and had never thought of Lettie as a nn, it's way better that Vi!). But I wouldn't find it weird if I met someone just called Lettie.

    Evie & Grace - Evie Rosetta is gorgeous! Grace Ophelia is pretty too but not as much as Evie Rosetta. Evie is quite cute but maybe just Eve nn Evie? Grace isn't dull, just not as nice as Evie.

    Gracie-May/Elsie-May/Amelie-Grace - I don't generally like hyphenated names (I've met so many little girls with 'chavvy' [I don't really like that term but can't think of a more polite way to put it!] parents called Lily-May, Gracie-May, Ava-May, Lily-Grace etc. that it just has bad associations for me) but Amelie-Grace is pretty

    Dottie - I prefer Thea as a nn for Dorothea. Dottie is a bit too cute IMO, especially as a full name. Also, seeing as dotty means crazy/eccentric I can't quite see it as a name.

    May - I prefer Mae because May is only a month in my mind. May Oriana, May Elizabeth, May Isabella? Mae is a diminutive of Mary apparently so you could do Mary nn Mae if that would be easier to find a middle for (and if you like Mary, obviously)? I'm sure I've heard it as a nn for Margaret as well.

    Lila - I pronounce it LY-la too. For the LEE-la pronunciation I would spell it Leila so I don't think pronunciation would be an issue.

    Pearl - I love Pearl too! I think it definitely works in the first spot. Lots of people will say it is an old lady name but I think it is lovely. All of your combos with Pearl as a middle are really pretty. Pearl Aveline? Pearl Eloise? Pearl Amaryllis? Pearl Oriana?

    Lucy & Tallulah - I am not a fan of Tallulah so I prefer Evelyn Lucy
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