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    E to I - This or That?

    Be as brutally honest as you like, I appreciate all feedback, positive or negative.
    I know a few of my choices are a little out-there!

    Eames or Holmes?
    Edric or Idris?
    Edmund or Edouard? Ned or Ted?
    Elijah stays. But do you prefer Elijah Ignatius or Elijah Holmes?
    Enoch or Ephraim?
    GP middle names - Elwood (Blues Brothers) or Erebor (The Hobbit)?
    Everest or Forest?
    Finnegan or Finnian?
    Frederick stays. But do you prefer Frederick Ulysses or Frederick Samwise?
    Gale or Hart?
    Garland or Heathcliff?
    Gilligan or Hartigan?
    Gideon or Hadrian?
    Ignatius or Ivor?
    Isadore or Isembard?

    Bonus: Which would you suggest using as first names and which as middles only?
    What middles would you pair with the first names? (feel free to suggest your own, you don't have to pick from the list)
    What nicknames would you use for the first names?

    Thanks so much for your help!!!
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    I love the Sherlock association, although I don't think it's super strong like Watson. This is more mn material because if it were used as a fn, I think it would be hard to find a middle that flows well without sounding like a form that puts last name first. (Cruise, Tom)

    This choice was solely based on the fact that I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan and Edric is too tied to the character for me. I think you could still use it, as he isn't in the show. Middle name.

    So lordly and upper crust. I love how unexpected (and fresh) this choice is compared to the likes of Edward. Certainly a fn, and I happen to think the nn of Ned is cute.

    I'm not religious, so I do try to avoid names that might falsely portray me as such (however, I do like Boaz.)

    Iggy is a cute nn for this one, but I wouldn't want to keep calling him that by the time he's in his late 20s. I really love uncommon names, this one is a great choice. I feel like it could be either a first or middle.

    I would put this one on my list in a heartbeat if there wasn't a hugely popular pub called Enoch's in my city. Everyone raves about their burgers. I would be overjoyed to meet a little Enoch, though. Knox might be a nn choice. Fn or mn. (Preferably first.)

    I feel like Erebor is associated with greed, so I'd want to stay away. Plus, Elwood is kind of cute.

    Everest or Forest?
    I don't like either one. Much too word-y for me.

    Tough decision, but Finnian came out on top. Finny is the most adorable nn for a child, then you could use Finn for a teen to adult. Fn or mn.

    Frederick Ulysses
    I have a huge soft spot for Ulysses and I feel like their styles don't clash as much as the half Tolkien combo.

    I just adore this name, though I have an aunt named Gail. I feel like it's more masculine than feminine.

    Heathcliff is just too tragic and manic of a character in my mind. It may be different for other people, but the guy was too crazy for me. Garland is soft, but would make a pretty cool unexpected middle.

    Hahaha I still watch Gilligan's island with my mom when I visit her and it's far too goofy. I don't care for Hartigan that much. It seems like heart and cardigan smooshed. Middle, definitely.

    I have a younger cousin that's a Hadrian, so I don't think it's all that odd, I just wouldn't use it personally because of family.

    Again! It's looking like I'm biased towards this name or something.

    Isadore or Isembard?
    Neither are really my style.
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    Eames or Holmes? - I like the sound of Eames better. I prefer Sherlock than Holmes (as a mn only). Eames doesn't need a nickname.

    Edric or Idris? - Idris seems less harsh in sound than Edric. Id seems strange for a nickname but Sigmund Freud would have loved it! Riddy as a nn?

    Edmund or Edouard? Ned or Ted? - Edmund is a family name and I love Ned. Edouard could be viewed by some people as sounding a little pretentious if you don't have any French heritage.

    Elijah stays. But do you prefer Elijah Ignatius or Elijah Holmes? I prefer Ignatius due to the back-to-back h's of the other combo. Nickname would be Eli.

    Enoch or Ephraim? - One of my favourite Biblical names. Rem has a nn?

    GP middle names - Elwood (Blues Brothers) or Erebor (The Hobbit)? I don't like either but I would choose Erebor if someone had a gun to my head.

    Everest or Forest? - Both are just ok but Everest doesn't have any baggage (eg. Gump). I guess Vere could be a nickname choice.

    Finnegan or Finnian? - Finnian seems like finicky than Finnegan. Nickname Finn is cute.

    Frederick stays. But do you prefer Frederick Ulysses or Frederick Samwise? - Ulysses gives Frederick even more majesty. Freddie is my fave nn.

    Gale or Hart? - Hart is appealing. Gale just makes me want to add "force wind" at the end. Hart is short enough that no nn is needed.

    Garland or Heathcliff? - Heath is more usable than Heathcliff so I chose Garland. Nicknames: Gar, Lan, Land, Arlan, Andy, Arlie, Dar or Dan?

    Gilligan or Hartigan? - I don't really like either of them but I guess Hartigan is preferable. Nickname: Hart.

    Gideon or Hadrian? - Both are fine names but I prefer Gideon. Giddy would be a cute nn.

    Ignatius or Ivor? - I do really love both names here. Nickname: Iggy

    Isadore or Isembard? - I preferthe Isidore spelling but I think Isadore is still more usable than Isembard. the intuitive Issy seems kind of feminine for a boys nn. Maybe Dor, Reo, Roe????

    I think any of the names I bolded could be used as first OR mn's. It depends on your predominant style. Are you more comfortable with established names as first names or do you like "surnames as first names" a little better. For example, Edmund, Frederick and Ignatius would make a great trio. Eames and Hart would sound fine together too. YOU have to decide which style makes you happy. You can always choose one style for first names and the other for mn's if you so desire.

    Combo Suggestions

    Isadore Hart
    Ignatius Garland
    Idris Gideon
    All the best,

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    Eames or Holmes - A very hard choice, but Holmes wins because of Sherlock association.
    Edric or Idris
    Edmund or Edouard
    Ned or Ted
    Elijah Ignatius or Elijah Holmes
    Enoch or Ephraim - Both are handsome, though.
    Elwood or Erebor
    Everest or Forest
    Finnegan or Finnian
    Frederick Ulysses or Frederick Samwise
    Gale or Hart
    Garland or Heathcliff
    Gilligan or Hartigan
    Gideon or Hadrian
    Ignatius or Ivor
    Isadore or Isembard
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    Edmund and Ted (although I have a soft spot for Eddie)
    Elijah Ignatius
    Frederick Samwise
    Gale (but a recent poster has made me LOVE Arthur nn Hart)
    Hadrian (I know a lovely Hadrian which probably biases me!)

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