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    Caliadne - fn, Callie or Addie
    Cecily. Cicely just looks like a misspelling of Cecily or Sicily to me. Fn, no nns.
    Cressida - fn, Sid.
    Delphine, but both are gorgeous. I'd put Cymbeline as mn only but Delphine could be either. Maybe Phina as a nn?
    Damaris - Da-MA-ris (MA as in mat) - Mn, Maris or Mara.
    Dorinda - Mn, Indy.
    Eliza - Fn, I don't think it needs a nickname.
    Eirlys - Mn, but it is really gorgeous. Maybe Eira as a nickname?
    Gwendolen (but I'm a little biased) - Gwen
    Emmeline - Fn, Em or Emme.
    just Eris - Mn, I think it's short enough that no nns are necessary.
    Evanthe Valentine - Since you like Eva, you could easily use it as a nn here
    Evadne nn Eva - I could see it in either the first or middle spot
    Ferelith - Definitely middle
    Freda - Mn, don't think it needs a nickname
    just Giselle - Either, also don't think it needs a nickname
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    Caliadne or Ceridwen? - Ceridwen

    Cecily or Cicely? - Cecily

    Cressida or Drusilda? - If it was Drusilla, I'd say that, but the second D makes it harsh. So Cressida by default

    Cymbeline or Delphine? - Delphine (which I love)

    Damaris stays. But do you prefer pn Da-MA-ris (MA as in mat) or Da-MEH-ris (MEH as in merry)? - I prefer it as Da MA-ris

    Dorinda or Elfrida? - neither, really, but possibly Dorinda as a middle

    Darla or Eliza? - Eliza

    Eirlys or Eirwen? - Eirlys

    Elowen or Gwendolen? - Gwendolen

    Emmeline or Evangeline? - Evangeline by a landslide

    Erisbe nn Eris or just Eris? - Eris

    Evanthe stays. But do you prefer Evanthe Valentine or Evanthe Valentina? - Evanthe Valentine

    Evadne nn Eva or just Eva? - Eva (Evadne looks like "evade")

    GP middle names - Faerie or Ferelith? - I'd go with Ferelith

    Frances or Freda (prn like Freyda)? - Frances

    Giselda nn Giselle or just Giselle? - Giselle
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    Thanks so much everyone! Your responses really help

    I love the suggestions of Drusilda Frances, Eliza Giselle, Elowen Frances, Gwendolen Eirlys, Damaris nn Merry and Dorinda nn Indy!

    Here are the 'winners':

    Caliadne vs. Ceridwen = Ceridwen
    Cecily vs. Cicely = Cecily
    Cressida vs. Drusilda = Cressida, with no votes for Drusilda
    Cymbeline vs. Delphine = Delphine
    Da-MA-ris vs. Da-MEH-ris = Da-MA-ris
    Dorinda vs. Elfrida = Dorinda
    Darla vs. Eliza = Eliza
    Eirlys vs. Eirwen = Eirlys
    Elowen vs. Gwendolen = a tie!
    Emmeline vs. Evangeline = a tie!
    Erisbe vs. Eris = Eris
    Evanthe Valentine vs. Evanthe Valentina = very close, but Evanthe Valentine
    Evadne vs. Eva = very close, but Eva
    Faerie vs. Ferelith = Ferelith
    Frances vs. Freda = a tie!
    Giselda vs. Giselle = Giselle

    Thank you!
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    Cecily (but Cecilia beats both for me!)
    Da-MA-ris (MA as in mat) (but I would intuitively pronounce it Da-MAH-ris, I think)
    just Eris
    Evanthe Valentine
    Evadne nn Eva

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    Caliadne - I've never heard of this but I like it. Very pretty but very unusual. Tons of nn options from the obvious Cali, Candy to Lady or Cadey
    Cecily - Cicely also makes me think Sicily and I think it would be misspelled a lot.
    Cressida - I don't like either but Drusilla is horrid and Cressida is only so-so, it would make a nice mn.
    Cymbeline - again I'm not wild about either, but Cymbeline is a lovely sounding name, good mn.
    Elfrida - I hate both, but Dorinda make me think of Doritos. MN.
    Eliza - though not one I really like
    Eirwen - Eirlys reminds me of airless as in without air.
    Gwendolen - love it!
    Evangeline - don't like either, but Evangeline is a nice mn.
    just Eris - Erisbe sounds like a surname to me
    Evanthe Valentina - flow is better with stress on the 3rd syllable
    just Eva - though Evadne definitely seems to fit your style better.
    Ferelith - Faerie is just too literal. Great name for a bird or rabbit, not so great for a person
    Frances - though I don't care much for either
    just Giselle - simplify

    Gwendolen Caliadne would be beautiful!
    Eliza Ferelith is also pretty
    Cecily Evangeline maybe as well
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