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    i'M STARTING TO HATE NAMES! This baby better not come out anytime soon!!!!!

    Im 31 weeks with my 3rd. I have boy and a girl already and this little one is another GIRL!

    I've aready taken a 6 week break from thinking about names because its driving me insane. Nothing seems good enough. But I went earlywith my second so I need to start cracking down and have a short list of names to show hubby (who has been no help at all! LOL)

    My daughter is Theresa Violet MacNeil NN Tessa
    My son is Quinlan Mathew Stephen MacNeil NN Quinn

    I love that mykids have a NN option

    Theresa and Violet are names of family who have passed away and so are Mathew and Stephen.....but Quinlan is not.

    I'm soooo stuck for a name for this one. I have a few I like but hubby doesn't seem too keen on them.

    I like the NN Norra but do not like Lenora (hubbys grandmothers name)
    I like the name Camilla but not too sure about NN Milly or Cammi

    and that's about it.
    Help me out with your suggestions Please!!!!!!!!

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    Do you like Nora as a stand alone name? If you like it as a nickname do you like Eleanor with the nn Nora?

    Other suggestions
    Margaret - lots of nn potential here, Maggie, Maisie, Meg
    Penelope - nn Penny
    Genevieve - nn Evie

    Good luck in choosing the right name.

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    if you don't like Milly or Cammi for Camilla, what about Cam, Mila, Mia, Callie, Lia, Ila... I personally like Lia & Mila

    that being said, Camilla is gorgeous!
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    name suggestions are welcome any time, message me!

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