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    Abraham or Abram - Abraham feels more complete, but Abram has been growing on me lately. I much prefer the nickname Bram.
    Alberich or Alfred
    Amadeus or Amir - But to be honest, I'm not a fan of either. Amadeus feels like too much for a baby. I'd prefer Omar to Amir.
    Arthur Montgomery or Arthur Valentine
    Auberon or Oberon
    Bartholomé or Bartholomew - But both are great.
    Bartleby Edric or Bartleby Abram - I prefer Abram in general, but Bartleby Abram feels too B-heavy.
    Beauregard or Beaumont
    Brennan, Darian or Devin - I also like Darius. My next choice would be Brennan.
    Caleb or Calen
    Calloway or Caradoc
    Casper Nathaniel or Clarence Bartholomew - In general I prefer Casper, but don't like it with Nathaniel.
    Caspian Ulysses or Caspian Holmes - But I really like Caspian Holmes, too.
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    Thanks for playing! Your feedback is much appreciated

    I love the suggestions of Ames or Deo as a nickname for Amadeus, and Bren or Bran as a nickname for Brennan

    After tallying everything here are the clear winners:
    Abram nn Bram
    Alfred nn Freddy
    Amadeus nn Ames or Deo
    Arthur Montgomery
    Bartleby Edric
    Brennan nn Bren or Bran
    Calloway nn Cal
    Casper Nathaniel nn Cas
    Caspian Holmes
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    Crushing on...

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    Abraham or Abram? (bonus: Abe or Bram?) -- Abrahma with the nickname Abram
    Alberich (nn Brick) or Alfred (nn Freddy)? -- Alfred, I prefer the nn Alfie
    Amadeus or Amir? (bonus: what nn would you use?) -- Amadeus, nn Madeus
    Arthur Montgomery or Arthur Valentine? -- Arthur Montgomery
    Auberon or Oberon? -- Oberon
    Bartholomé (bar-tol-oh-may) or Bartholomew? -- Bartholomew
    Bartleby Edric or Bartleby Abram? -- Bartleby Abram
    Beauregard or Beaumont? -- Beauregard
    Brennan, Darian or Devin? (bonus: what nn would you use?) -- Darian, nn Dare
    Caleb or Calen? -- Calen
    Calloway (nn Cal) or Caradoc (nn Caz)? -- Calloway, nn Cal
    Casper Nathaniel (nn Cas) or Clarence Bartholomew (nn Clancy)? -- Clarence Bartholomew, nn Clancy
    Caspian Ulysses or Caspian Holmes? -- Caspian Holmes

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