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    Liking both male & female name counterparts?

    Are there any names that you like both the male form and the female form of equally, or unisex names that you like equally for both genders? I love Cecilia on a girl and Cecil on a boy, and I like Harper for either.

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    Sage and Quinn are names I like equally on both.

    Thomas and Thomasina are both favorites. If I used one I wouldn't use the other.
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    Sage is one of my all time favorites, I'd use it for either gender. I find Rowan and Blakely cute on either gender too.
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    Micah ( I actually know more girls named Micah, but I like this for both)
    Emerson (though I like it slightly more for a boy)
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    Josephine is my ultimate fav girl name and I also love Joseph for the boys.

    In the unisex category, the only name I really like for both is Rowan. Although I would still take Rowena over Rowan for the girls.
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