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    My Kingdom for a Kingdom CAF

    Another Game Of Thrones inspired CAF. The rule is the heir must be named after a direct ancestor (parent, grandparent, great grandparent, etc).

    The First Royal Couple:
    Prince (Heir)

    ___The Second Generation of Royals
    ___New Queen
    ___Prince (h)

    ______The Third Generation of Royals
    ______Illegitimate Son (h)

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals
    _________Prince (h)

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals
    ____________Princess (h)

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals
    _______________Prince (h)
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    The First Royal Couple:
    King Arterion The Wicked
    Queen Dathyria of Lendenhall
    Prince Arthall
    Prince Lenden
    Princess Sephyria
    Prince Therion
    Princess Karalys

    ___The Second Generation of Royals
    ___King Arthall the Foolish
    ___Queen Verisette of the Westerwinds
    ___Princess Avirline
    ___Princess Cyrella
    ___Princess Kresta
    ___Princess Orianna
    ___New Queen Anyka of the Ice
    ___Princess Lionette
    ___Princess Lyria
    ___Princess Loralys
    ___Prince Artenwald

    ______The Third Generation of Royals
    ______King Artenwald
    ______Queen Glissen of Norwood
    ______Princess Calienthe
    ______Illegitimate Son Arwald
    ______Princess Morgeesa

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals
    _________King Arwald the Loyal
    _________Queen Emarika of the Shining Waters
    _________Prince Kiswald
    _________Prince Ardell
    _________Prince Walderick
    _________Princess Artisia
    _________Prince Walden
    _________Prince Arwick
    _________Princess Alderia
    _________Princess Walicia

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals
    ____________King Ardell
    ____________Queen Myandra of Ravenfell
    ____________Princess Dellarys
    ____________Princess Mydell
    ____________Princess Aranda
    ____________Princess Ardra

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals
    _______________King Joven of the Tower
    _______________Queen Dellarys the True
    _______________Prince Aryen
    _______________Prince Joary
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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    The First Royal Couple:
    King Constantine Rufus
    Queen Antonia Louise
    Prince Constantine Louis (heir)
    Prince Rupert Anthony
    Princess Eugenia Guinevere
    Prince Ignatius Edward
    Princess Edith Thomasina

    ___The Second Generation of Royals:
    ___King Constantine Louis
    ___Queen Valeria Beatrice
    ___Princess Eleanore Primrose
    ___Princess Mary Clementina
    ___Princess Philippa Beatrice
    ___Princess Antonia Maeve
    ____Queen Alice Augusta
    ____Princess Louisa Caroline
    ____Princess Ingrid Delphina
    ____Princess Adelaide Estelle
    ____Prince Augustus Constantine (heir)

    ______The Third Generation of Royals:
    ______King Augustus Constantine
    ______Queen Harriet Zenobia
    ______Princess Sybil Winifred
    ______Illegitimate Prince Titus Constantine (heir)
    ______Princess Alice Victoria

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals:
    _________King Titus Constantine
    _________Queen Lucretia Jane
    _________Prince Constantine Edward
    _________Prince Titus Louis (heir)
    _________Prince Leopold Arthur
    _________Princess Agatha Florence
    _________Prince Benedict Linus
    _________Prince Ignatius Conrad
    _________Princess Helena Ingrid
    _________Princess Charity Antonia

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals:
    ____________King Titus Louis
    ____________Queen Lydia Clementina
    ____________Princess Edith Matilda (heiress)
    ____________Princess Helen Agatha
    ____________Princess Beatrice Eugenia
    ____________Princess Honor Titania

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals:
    _______________King Henry Peregrine Gervais
    _______________Queen Edith Matilda
    _______________Prince William Titus Leander (heir)
    _______________Prince Rupert Leopold Magnus
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    The First Royal Couple:
    King William Adrian Jasper
    Queen Amelie Rose Juliana Sophie
    Prince Adrian George Alexander(Heir)
    Prince Christopher James Alonzo Frederick
    Princess Rosalie Mae Angelina
    Prince Quentin Oliver Gregory
    Princess Lillian Olivia Scarlett

    ___The Second Generation of Royals
    ___King Adrian George Alexander
    ___Queen Josephine Grace Alexandra
    ___Princess Lucy Camille Emilie
    ___Princess Penelope Delia Catherine
    ___Princess Adelaide Ivy Veronica
    ___Princess Hazel Sofia Leigh-Anne
    ___New Queen Elizabeth Maeva Francine
    ___Princess Juliana Abigail Rose
    ___Princess Clara Renee Isabelle
    ___Princess Elsa Patricia Hannah
    ___Prince Alexander William Owen(h)

    ______The Third Generation of Royals
    ______King Alexander William Owen
    ______Queen Rachelle Henrietta Judith
    ______Princess Jenna Skye Maria
    ______Illegitimate Prince Alexander Adrian Jasper (h)
    ______Princess Mabel Grace Aurora

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals
    _________King Alexander Adrian Jasper
    _________Queen Fiona Andrea Jade
    _________Prince Cole Mackenzie Ulysses
    _________Prince Adrian Jasper Lewis (h)
    _________Prince John Elliott James
    _________Princess Isabelle Ann Marguerite
    _________Prince Louis Antonio Everett
    _________Prince Karl Joseph Vincent
    _________Princess Mariana Rose Jessica
    _________Princess Annie Jade Mallory

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals
    ____________King Adrian Jasper Lewis
    ____________Queen Helena Katherine Felicity
    ____________Princess Adriana Clarissa Joy(h)
    ____________Princess Alexandra Elise Phillipa
    ____________Princess Annabelle Faith Josephine
    ____________Princess Andrea Louise Alice

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals
    _______________King Humphrey George Russell
    _______________Queen Adriana Clarissa Joy
    _______________Prince Jasper George Russell (h)
    _______________Prince Kenneth Lee Jordan
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    The First Royal Couple:
    King Zebedee the Flaxen-Haired
    Queen Lilou
    Prince Zebedee (Heir)
    Prince Zakariya
    Princess Alouette
    Prince Lysander
    Princess Zipporah

    ___The Second Generation of Royals
    ___King Zebedee II the Valiant
    ___Queen Luiza of the Eastern Fall
    ___Princess Daeva
    ___Princess Eulalie
    ___Princess Fallon
    ___Princess Gwyneth
    ___New Queen: Boleyn of Old Taxon
    ___Princess Mireille
    ___Princess Nadine
    ___Princess Emmeline
    ___Prince Lysander (h)

    ______The Third Generation of Royals
    ______King Lysander the Bloodthirsty
    ______Queen Marina of the Emerald Sea
    ______Princess Bernadette
    ______Illegitimate Son Zebedee (h)
    ______Princess Evangeline

    _________The Fourth Generation of Royals
    _________King Zebedee III the Terrible
    _________Queen Elysia of the Tiger River
    _________Prince Augustine
    _________Prince Lysander (h)
    _________Prince Thaddeus
    _________Princess Millicent
    _________Prince Balthasar
    _________Prince Amadeus
    _________Princess Lydia
    _________Princess Margot

    ____________The Fifth Generation of Royals
    ____________King Lysander II the Idiotic
    ____________Queen Laetitia of the God-Fearing Islands
    ____________Princess Carolina (h)
    ____________Princess Rachel
    ____________Princess Rebecca
    ____________Princess Elizabeth

    _______________The Sixth Generation of Royals
    _______________King Jasper the Wart
    _______________Queen Carolina the Saint
    _______________Prince Caelum (h)
    _______________Prince Maxim
    -- Lottie --

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