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    Rainbow Magic Names

    When my sister was younger, she used to read the Rainbow Magic series of books. The series is about two girls named Kirsty and Rachel who go about magical adventures with their fairy friends. Each grouping of fairies has names connected to the type of fairy they are (ie, Ruby the Red fairy, Darcey the Dance Diva (Darcey Bussell), and Jessie, Adele, Vanessa, Miley, Rochelle, Una, & Frankie are the popstar fairies), but what caught my attention was the names.

    I'll post them in the book sets they were used. Since the series is English, some names are changed for the US. If there is a US version, there's a / separating the two, the first is the UK one.

    Colour fairies: Ruby, Amber, Saffron/Sunny, Fern, Sky, Heather
    Weather fairies: Crystal, Abigail, Pearl, Goldie, Evie, Hayley, Storm
    Party fairies: Cherry, Melodie, Grace, Honey, Polly, Phoebe, Jasmine
    Jewel fairies: India, Scarlett, Emily, Chloe, Amy, Sophie, Lucy
    Pet Fairies: Katie, Bella, Georgia, Lauren, Harriet, Molly, Penny
    Fun Days Fairies(Days of the Week): Megan, Tallulah/Tara, Willow, Thea, Freya/Felicity, Sienna, Sarah
    Petal Fairies: Tia, Pippa, Louise, Charlotte, Olivia, Danielle, Ella
    Dance Fairies: Bethany, Jade, Rebecca, Tasha, Jessica, Saskia/Serena, Imogen/Isabelle
    Sports Fairies: Helena, Francesca/Stacey, Zoe, Naomi/Brittany, Samantha, Alice, Gemma
    Music Fairies: Poppy, Ellie, Fiona, Danni, Maya, Victoria, Sadie
    Magical Animals Fairies: Ashley, Lara, Erin, Rihanna, Sophia, Leona, Caitlin
    Green/Earth Fairies: Nicole, Isabella, Edie, Coral, Lily, Milly
    Ocean Fairies: Ally, Amelie, Pia, Tess, Stephanie, Whitney, Courtney
    Twilight/Night Fairies: Ava, Lexi, Morgan, Zara, Yasmin/Nia, Maisie/Anna, Sabrina
    *Royal Family Fairies: Kate, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Georgie
    Showtime Fairies: Madison, Leah, Alesha, Darcey, Isla, Taylor
    Princess Fairies: Honor/Hope, Demi/Cassidy, Anya, Elisa, Lizzie, Maddie, Eva
    Popstar/Superstar Fairies: Jessie, Adele, Vanessa, Miley, Frankie, Rochelle, Una
    Fashion Fairies: Miranda, Claudia, Tyra, Alexa, Matilda/Jennifer, Brooke, Lola
    Sweet/Sugar & Spice Fairies: Lottie, Esme, Coco, Clara, Madeleine/Madeline, Layla, Nina
    Animal Rescue Fairies: Mae, Kitty, Mara, Savannah, Kimberley, Rosie, Anna
    Magical Crafts Fairies: Kayla, Anabelle, Zadie, Josie, Violet, Libby, Roxie

    There's also a set of Special books, those fairies are:

    Holly, Summer/Joy, Stella, Paige, Chrissie, Kylie, Flora, Shannon, Gabriella, Mia, Trixie, Destiny, Juliet, Belle, Cheryl, Florence, Emma, Cara, Natalie, Keira, Olympia, Tamara/Brianna, Angelica, Jennifer/Bailey, Lindsay, Nicki, Carly, Robyn, Autumn, Addison, Lila, Myla, Tilly, Hannah.

    *The Royal Family fairies aren't technically a series, but I felt I should group them.

    I know that's a lot of names, but, if you do feel like going through them all, what are your favourites?

    desirae alyssa ✿ stephanie abigail ✿ melissa jayde ✿ tiffany isabella ✿ lindsey olivia ✿ heather amelia ✿ shayla lily ✿ kelly christina
    aaron jacob ✿ michael james ✿ andrew lucas ✿ jake william ✿ chandler robert ✿ adam hunter ✿ matthew parker ✿ zachary daniel

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    How cute! Most of these names aren't my style, but I thought I would pick out my favourites anyway...

    Ruby, Amber, Sky, Pearl, Evie, Phoebe, Jasmine, Scarlett, Emily, Tallulah, Willow, Thea, Felicity, Pippa, Alice, Sabrina, Isla, Hope, Eva, Matilda, Esme, Madeline, Mae, Kitty, Mara, Roxie, Summer, Flora, Trixie, Belle, Autumn

    Arthur | Bartholomew | Elias | Ephraim | Ernest | Ferris | Isidore | Phineas | Roland | Rupert | Ted | Victor

    August | Brenna | Eliza | Evanthe | Esmeralda | Freda | Ivy | Mara | Marceline | Matilda | Trudy | Winifred

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    Favourite Names (I could actually picture myself using)

    Favourite GPN (Names that I love but, for different reasons, would not use)

    I remember my sister was obsessed with this series when she was younger too.
    Serena Katharine | Josephine Ruby | Rosalie Grace | Susannah Faye | Margaret Rose | Lucille Joy | Tessa Louise | Cecilia Jane | Georgia Pearl | Matilda Violet

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    I remember Rainbow Magic! I'll just leave the names in their respective categories and pick the ones I like. Those in bold are my faves.

    Colour fairies: Ruby and Saffron
    Weather fairies: Abigail, Pearl, Evie
    Party fairies: Grace, Polly, Phoebe and Jasmine
    Jewel fairies: Chloe, Amy, Sophie and Lucy
    Pet Fairies: Georgia, Harriet, Molly and Penny
    Fun Days Fairies (Days of the Week): Tallulah, Willow, Thea, Freya, Felicity and Sienna
    Petal Fairies: Louise and Charlotte
    Dance Fairies: Saskia, Serena, Imogen and Isabelle
    Sports Fairies: Helena, Francesca, Zoe, Naomi, Alice and Gemma
    Music Fairies: Poppy, Fiona, Maya, Victoria and Sadie
    Magical Animals Fairies: Lara and Leona
    Green/Earth Fairies: Edie, Coral and Lily
    Ocean Fairies: Amelie and Tess
    Twilight/Night Fairies: Morgan, Zara, Anna and Sabrina
    *Royal Family Fairies: Kate, Elizabeth and Alexandra
    Showtime Fairies: Leah, Darcey and Isla
    Princess Fairies: Anya and Eva
    Popstar/Superstar Fairies: Adele, Vanessa and Rochelle
    Fashion Fairies: Miranda and Matilda
    Sweet/Sugar & Spice Fairies: Lottie, Esme, Clara and Madeleine .
    Animal Rescue Fairies: Mae, Mara and Anna
    Magical Crafts Fairies: Zadie and Violet

    From the set of Special books, the fairy names I like are:

    Holly, Summer, Stella, Paige, Flora, Shannon, Juliet, Florence, Emma, Natalie, Keira, Olympia, Angelica, Lila and Hannah.
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