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    Not a crime but not something that I would do. As a name nerd, I would just think it was a wasted opportunity (best) OR a lack of imagination on the part of the parent (worst). I wouldn't advise it but it's up to you. If you feel comfortable continuing to give any future children the mn of Valentine, then it's obviously something that works for you.
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    I wouldn't want to share a mn w/a bunch of siblings, especially not opposite gender siblings. Names should be original for each child--they already share a surname.

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    I guess I'm an oddball, but I kind of like it, especially with two middle names. My cousins share their mother's maiden name as a middle. If Valentine is meaningful for you I think you should trust your instincts on this issue.

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    There are cultures where each child bears their father's name as their middle. It's an automatic signifier that they're all "son of/daughter of X." Barring that kind of cultural precedent, though, I wouldn't do it. It sounds like the process by which you arrived at Valentine for your daughter's middle was very special indeed, and part of the intimate and unique way we name children. Give yourself some credit-- after enough searching, you might well find many other names with deep, interconnected meanings that will obivously be THE name for your future child(ren).

    Also, I know Valentine has a long history as a male name, but nowadays I think a boy or adolescent with the middle name Valentine would really get it from his peers.
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