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    I don't think it's a crime. Rob and Amber Mariano (from Survivor) has 3 daughters who all have Rose as a middle name. I think it's cute, and is something that would "tie" the sisters together, the two Valentines -- they could both have 2 Valentine heart necklaces that they could wear. I know two girls who are sisters and both have first names that start with S, and they always buy necklaces and charm bracelets for each-other that has the letter S on them.

    I think Valentine is a name of substance and is more interesting than filler names that people usually pick for their child's middle name.
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    Hm, I don't love it, but it's your call! What if you changed it up just a bit for each child? ie. Valentine, Valerie, Valentina, Valentio, Valeryn, Valiant - sort of thing. It's still ties them all together without being identical.

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    I'm not a fan, but perhaps because I'm the youngest. I understand Valentine's meaningful, and I could see it working a bit better as a second middle name... BUT I'd completely feel like 3/3 (the last in the set), rather than an individual. I also have a hard time believing you wouldn't be able to find another name you like as much and that has meaning. If it's the link to the day that's meaningful, why not choose a name related to Valentine's or love?
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    Not something that I'd do personally, but they're not my kids.

    I'd go for it - it's not unheard of. I think Valentine is lovely for both genders and I guess it's cute for them to share a middle name. Like ''Oh, what's your middle name?'' ''Valentine, the same as my brother and sister, my mom just REALLY loved it''.
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