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    MN for Emily

    I'm 28 weeks with our first baby (surprise gender) and DH and I have FINALLY agreed on a possible girls' name (although still miles away on a boys name).

    I'm finding it hard to think of a middle name though. We've agreed on Emily, and our last name is one syllable beginning with H.

    Here are the limitations - there are a few

    I'd like to avoid anything beginning with E or H. Also avoid G, as I'm EGH and so don't want my daughter having the same initials as me!
    Names to avoid as they're already taken by family (we have a huge family with lots of girls): Elisabeth (me!) Cara, Sophie, Grace, Kate, Jessie, Lily, Charlotte, Joanna, Hazel, Kirstie (or anything similar), Rebecca, Rachel, Sarah...
    I'd also rather avoid names ending with the "ee" sound as I feel that clashes with Emily.

    Style wise - I quite like one syllable names but that's not a rule. I'm also quite classic with name preferences and don't like "new" names.

    I really liked Emily Rose but now can't shake the association with the movie of the Exorcism of Emily Rose
    I also like Emily Joy but DH has vetoed


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