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Thread: MN for Emily

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    Silas Robert Patrick - 7/10/13

    Penelope Elizabeth Pearl 23/3/15

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    We love Emily, but cannot use it because a dear relative has already.
    Emily Louise was our favorite!
    Perhaps Emily Jean
    Emily Mae
    Emily Elizabeth
    Emily Jane
    Emily Raine
    Emily Rae
    Emily Katherine
    Emily Alexandra
    Emily Kate
    Emily Marie

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    Thank you everyone! Definitely some good suggestions there.

    Currently we're thinking about Emily Jade or maybe even Emily Anna... although I LOVE Anna and am thinking I'd love to save it for another daughter - that's assuming that we even have a girl this time around!

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    I do like Emily Faith too - I have two sisters and our middle names are Joy, Grace and Hope, so the idea of linking my daughter in with us is almost too cute to resist. But I'm 99% sure that DH will veto Faith along with Joy.

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    I'm an Emily Jayne and I love my name!

    However I hate the spelling of Jayne (I have name shame.) Unnecessary 'Y's in my own name is quite unfortunate, I think, as adding Y's into classics is something that I would never do!
    Crushing on...

    Eloise JuneauxAugust NathanielJuliet NoellePenn Alexander

    Ophelia, Aveline, Cora, Rosalind and ThaliaEdmund, Arlo, Evander and Cedar

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