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Thread: Which middle?

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    Which middle?

    Okay, at this point we are sort of doubting Archer as a middle for Callen. I'm just not sure if it sounds right for our son.. but I could be over thinking it, as I tend to do. We are considering:
    Callen Sage-- I adore Sage as a middle, and want to use it for one of my children.
    Callen Bram-- My grandfather's middle name is Abraham and I think Bram would be a cool way to honor him. It's not extremely important that we honor him or anything, but it's something to consider.
    Callen Brooks-- My middle name is Brooke, so Brooks would honor me, but I'm wondering if Callen Brooks sounds too preppy and I don't want that vibe at all.
    Callen Ryker-- Ryker is a form of Richard, which is also a family name on my side. so I think that would be a cool way to honor my family as well.

    Or, should we just stick to Callen Archer? The last name starts with P and is two syllables so I think these names flow well.
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    I'm not a fan of Callen Archer. I agree with you that while they are both great names, they just don't sound quite right together. My favorite of the suggestions is Callen Sage by a long shot. Never a fan of Brooks - always thought it sounded a little pretentious, but without the flare that make some other old fashioned pretentious names work.

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    That's what I was afraid of with Brooks. Thank you! Now I think I'll just take the name Brooks off the possibility list

    I'll also take other suggestions too, if you or anyone else has any.
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    Oh gosh, I love ALL of these combos! My top 3 are: Callen Sage ( I LOVE Sage on a boy), Callen Archer, and Callen Bram.
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    Callen Brooks is my favorite favorite.
    Callen Brooks is my favorite.

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