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    People that consider "low-class" a bad thing make me furious. There is nothing wrong with being of a lower class.
    I think that sometimes names get the "low class" image because they are lacking "CLASS/Propriety/Decorum/Manner", people for whatever reason, see faces attached to names, and THAT particular person attached the name lacked the ability to carry themselves "accordingly." Now a days, this isn't AS much of a concern, we can meet one Shelly who was loose and promiscuous one day and another Shelly who was the epitome of a Classy lady. However, historically perhaps back in the day when refinement and education wasn't an option to the "lower classed" individuals, that perception may have held some merit in it. Today, as I previously stated is not entirely the truth, and there is lends more on the side of prejudice presupposition. I have seen many poor people name a child something stable like Elisabeth, thinking that it will help her succeed in life, but it was Juno or X, Y or z who held an uncommon name succeed her or someone else with an equal name like Katherine succeed her. It comes down to personal growth.

    However, I will say that names do set a person apart. It is their name and their character that ultimately sets them apart. Example: Ozzy (bit off a bat head) and James dean the prince of rebel. Elizabeth Taylor (known for her beauty-sleeping around and temper tantrums, Katherine Hepburn ( elfish looks, ungraful demeaner that she made look elegant in her own way), Ingrid Bergram ( Beauty in larger bone structures), Tuesday Welch, Boris Karloff, Bloody Mary (killing people), Henry the VIII (killing his wivesand extra-marital affairs), Kate Middleton, Oreson Wilson (type of movie producer), Doris Day ( alcoholic-mental depression), Corisande King Henry I or II's mistress who was really was named Diane something but then again Princess Diana
    (an inspirationalist- also named after what some of the royal family called a pagen god and became a princess, being opinionated, her divorce,her dealth which she Died tragically)... I think its important for people to keep in mind that a name isn't a gurantee...its the up-bring that makes or breaks a child and how the child wears(character) their name.

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