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    Jan 2012
    DH(32): Noah James
    DH's occupation: Doctor
    DH's surname: Fawnstock
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Evelyn Jean
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Vincent John
    DH's father's former occupation: Owner of a Bar
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Heath Joshua
    DH's brother's occupation: Farmer
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Sophia Rose Rosendahl
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: Nanny

    DW(30): Charlotte Lara
    DW's occupation: Teacher
    DW's maiden name: Lane
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Marilyn Celeste
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Malcolm Edgar
    DW's father's former occupation: Pilot
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Carmen Lindsay
    DW's sister's occupation: Lawyer
    DW's sister's husband's name: Atticus Apollo Smith
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: Firefighter
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Chandler Elliott

    DS(10): Caspar Flynn

    DS(7): Grant Harper
    DS(7): Noel Benjamin

    DD(5): Isla Aster

    DD(4): Dahlia Alice

    DD(2): Acacia Daisy

    DD: Nola Paige
    DS: Archer James

    Male dog (5): Cody
    Breed: Husky

    Female cat (2): Elsa
    Breed: Russian Blue
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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    Dec 2009
    Where you live: Maine

    DH(32): Felix Isaac
    DH's occupation: university teacher
    DH's surname: Frey
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Daphne Olive
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Addison Charles
    DH's father's former occupation: bookkeeper
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Leo Maxwell
    DH's brother's occupation: woodworker
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Sophia Ivy Beauchamp
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: lab assistant

    DW(30): Jane Charlotte
    DW's occupation: IT specialist
    DW's maiden name: Livingston
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Celeste Florence
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Edgar Malcolm
    DW's father's former occupation: nature photographer
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Ruby Elaine
    DW's sister's occupation: surgeon
    DW's sister's husband's name: Westley Hammond Jones
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: firefighter
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Stellan Westley

    DS(10): Sawyer Boone
    DS(7): Remy Harper
    DS(7): Ezra Amory
    DD(5): Aster Anne
    DD(4): India Ruby
    DD(2): Celestine Rose
    DS/DD(NB): Leonie Holly/Archer Hadley

    Male dog (5): Walt
    Breed: Great Pyrenees

    Female cat (2): Pandora
    Breed: mix

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    Sep 2012
    DH: [32] Malachy James Francis (police officer)
    DW: [30] Rose Vivienne Francis (art director)

    DS: [10] Emmett Daniel Francis
    DS/DS: [7] Arthur Jacob Francis / Julian Peter Francis
    DD: [5] Charlotte Eve Francis
    DD: [4] Ruby Madeline Francis
    DD: [2] Beatrix Rose Francis
    DS/DD: [nb] Elena Holly Francis / Dexter James Francis

    Dog: Domino (dalmatian)
    Cat: Pandora (ragdoll)

    Malachy & Rose | Emmett, Arthur, Julian, Charlotte, Ruby, Beatrix, Elena, & Dexter.

    Malachy's family:

    Father: [63] William George Francis (former owner of an accounting company)
    Mother: [55] Dorothy Anne Francis

    Brother: [28] Leo Maxwell Francis (landscaper)
    -- GF: [26] Emma Rose Lazenbury (nurse)

    Rose's family:

    Father: [68] Theodore Robert Larson (former pilot)
    Mother: [63] Nora Florence Larson

    Sister: [33] Molly Sarah Taylor (doctor)
    -- DH: [36] Ambrose Griffin Taylor (firefighter)
    - DS: [1] Elliot Remy Francis

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    You and your husband grew up in the same place and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Where you live: Seattle, WA

    DH(32): Aiden Blake
    DH's occupation: music producer
    DH's surname: Fletcher
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Rosemary Jean
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): George Douglas
    DH's father's former occupation: record store owner
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Andrew Dean
    DH's brother's occupation: mechanic
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Whitney Anne Haverston
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: nurse

    DW(30): Olivia Jane
    DW's occupation: veterinarian
    DW's maiden name: Logan
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Marilyn Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Joseph Arthur
    DW's father's former occupation: pilot
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Lindsay Paige
    DW's sister's occupation: pediatrician
    DW's sister's husband's name: Breccan Vaughn Reynolds
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: firefighter
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Joseph Vaughn Reynolds "Joey"

    DS(10): Jack Samuel

    DS(7): Cade Michael
    DS(7): Benjamin Charles

    DD(5): Georgia Charlotte

    DD(4): Emmeline Katherine

    DD(2): Genevieve Rose

    DS/DD(NB): Archer Beau and Zoe Paige

    Male dog (5): Ozzie
    Breed: Great Dane

    Female cat (2): Bree
    Breed: Ragdoll

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    Dec 2013
    Where you live: Cornwall, UK

    DH(32): Felix Matthew Fletcher
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Nancy Helen Fletcher
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Douglas Eric Fletcher
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Leo Cameron Fletcher
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Anna Maria Tomes

    DW(30): Grace Vivienne Ludwig
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Celeste Alice Ludwig
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Arthur Todd Ludwig
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Molly Carmen Barnes
    DW's sister's husband's name: Zane Garrett Barnes
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Sebastian Eli Barnes

    DS(10): Samuel Casper
    DS(7): Jacob Arthur
    DS(7): Benjamin Raphael
    DD(5): Charlotte Georgia
    DD(4): Alice India
    DD(2): Daisy Victoria
    DS/DD(NB): Elena Zoe & Dexter Edward

    Male dog (5): Bertie
    Breed: Labrador

    Female cat (2): Pandora
    Breed: British Shorthair
    Anna | Autumn | Cassia | Delphina | Emma | Fleur | Greta | Hazel | Lucia | Luna | Neela | Norah | Ramona | Reina | Sadie | Verity

    August | Austin | Bruno | Calvin | Elijah | Frederick | Gabriel | Jack | Jude | Lachlan | Lennon | Noah | Samson | Vincent | Wilfred | William

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