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    Create A Family (using namebanks) 🌻

    You and your husband grew up in the same place and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Where you live: you choose

    Name your husband's family, your family and the family that you now have together. Choose each person's first and middle name from the name bank!

    DH(32): Aiden, Alexander, Blake, Brandon, Colin, Edward, Felix, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jonathan, Laurence, Malachy, Matthew, Nicholas, Noah, Patrick
    DH's occupation: you choose
    DH's surname: beginning with 'F'
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Anne, Beverly, Daphne, Dorothy, Esther, Evelyn, Heather, Helen, Jean, Nancy, Olive, Penelope, Rosemary
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Addison, Charles, Douglas, Dominic, Eric, George, John, Larry, Michael, Sylvester, Toby, Vincent, William
    DH's father's former occupation: business owner of some kind, e.g, owner of a bakery
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Andrew, Benjamin, Cameron, Damien, Dean, Dylan, Heath, Joshua, Leo, Maxwell, Nicholas, Sean, Zachary
    DH's brother's occupation: a job that involves manual labour
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Common first and middle name, unusual surname
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: a job which requires patience

    DW(30): Alison, Charlotte, Diana, Elizabeth, Grace, Hailey, Jane, Juliet, Katherine, Kylie, Lara, Matilda, Nicole, Olivia, Rose, Selena, Vivienne
    DW's occupation: you choose
    DW's maiden name: beginning with 'L'
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Alice, Barbara, Candace, Celeste, Florence, Kimberly, Marilyn, Nora, Priscilla, Theresa, Victoria, Wendy
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Arthur, Bernard, Edgar, Ernest, Harry, Joseph, Louis, Malcolm, Oliver, Robert, Stephen, Theodore, Todd
    DW's father's former occupation: a job which involves travelling
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Amy, Andrea, Bethany, Brooke, Carmen, Elaine, Lindsay, Molly, Paige, Ruby, Samantha, Sarah, Valerie
    DW's sister's occupation: a job that requires someone intelligent and hard working
    DW's sister's husband's name: unusual first and middle name, common surname
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: a job which requires bravery
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): you choose, but his first name must start with the same letter as your eldest son

    DS(10): Alexander, Alfred, Boone, Caspar, Daniel, Desmond, Emmett, Flynn, Jack, Regan, Robin, Ryan, Samuel, Sawyer

    DS(7): Arthur, Brandon, Cade, Daniel, Elliot, Grant, Harper, Jacob, Michael, Orlando, Remy, Sage, Sebastian
    DS(7): Amory, Anthony, Benjamin, Calixto, Charles, Elijah, Ezra, George, Julian, Lark, Noel, Peter, Raphael, Seth

    DD(5): Anne, Aster, Arcadia, Aurora, Bree, Charlotte, Eve, Faline, Georgia, Helena, Isla, Jade, Lacey, Regina, Vera

    DD(4): Alice, Cara, Chloe, Dahlia, Elle, Emmeline, Hermione, India, Josephine, Katherine, Madeline, Ruby, Winona

    DD(2): Acacia, Anya, Beatrix, Celestine, Daisy, Genevieve, Gwyneth, Ione, Lola, Noor, Rose, Seraphine, Tansy, Victoria

    DD: Apolline, Cressida, Carmen, Delilah, Ethel, Elena, Faith, Holly, Jamie, Leonie, Nola, Paige, Zoe
    DS: Angelo, Archer, Beau, Cameron, Carey, Darcy, Dexter, Edward, Emmanuel, Hadley, James, Nicholas, Noel

    Male dog (5): Bertie, Cody, Domino, Earl, Ozzie, Sam, Walt
    Breed: any big dog breed

    Female cat (2): Bree, Elsa, Lily, Missy, Pandora, Queenie, Zara
    Breed: your favourite cat breed

    List your family along with their names, ages, occupations, and include any other details like appearances and personalities if you wish! 🌸

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    You and your husband grew up in the same place and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Where you live: Vancouver, BC.

    Name your husband's family, your family and the family that you now have together. Choose each person's first and middle name from the name bank!

    DH(32): Patrick Alexander
    DH's occupation: Fisherman
    DH's surname: Favre
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Olive Penelope
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Toby Vincent
    DH's father's former occupation: owner of a restaurant in Quebec
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Maxwell Damien
    DH's brother's occupation: Also a fisherman, working on the same boat as his brother.
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Alyssa Melinda Voisake
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: Nurse

    DW(30): Rose Matilda
    DW's occupation: Singer
    DW's maiden name: LeFleur
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Celeste Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Harry Joseph
    DW's father's former occupation: Marine biologist
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Valerie Samantha
    DW's sister's occupation: Field biologist
    DW's sister's husband's name: Soren Octavius White
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: Firefighter
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Sidney Harold

    DS(10): Sawyer Boone

    DS(7): Elliot Sage
    DS(7): Seth Amory

    DD(5): Helena Isla

    DD(4): Alice Emmeline

    DD(2): Anya Daisy

    DD: Leonie Nola
    DS: Beau Nicholas

    Male dog (5): Walt
    Breed: German Shepard

    Female cat (2): Bree
    Breed: Bengal

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    DH(32): James Alexander
    DH's occupation: Doctor
    DH's surname: Foster
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Rosemary Evelyn
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): George William
    DH's father's former occupation: owned a bookshop
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Leo Benjamin
    DH's brother's occupation: builder
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Emily Rose Wazakowski
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: counsellor

    DW(30): Matilda Elizabeth
    DW's occupation: Classics teacher
    DW's maiden name: Lawrence
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Florence Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Harry Arthur
    DW's father's former occupation: foreign correspondant
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Sarah Molly
    DW's sister's occupation: lawyer
    DW's sister's husband's name: Edmund Percival Smith
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: soldier
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Alfred Max

    DS(10): Alexander Flynn

    DS(7): Arthur Sebastian
    DS(7): George Charles

    DD(5): Charlotte Isla

    DD(4): Alice Hermione

    DD(2): Beatrix Rose

    DS/DD(NB): Edward James & Delilah Elena

    Male dog (5): Domino
    Breed: Labrador

    Female cat (2): Elsa

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    You and your husband grew up in the same place and loved it there, so you live there now with your own family.

    Where you live: Portland, ME

    DH(32): Noah Blake Fielder
    DH's occupation: vet
    DH's surname: Fielder
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Rosemary Anne
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Douglas William
    DH's father's former occupation: owner of a general store
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Maxwell Sean *Max*
    DH's brother's occupation: plumber
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Rachel Amelia Bellafiore
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: receptionist at a dentist office

    DW(30): Matilda Vivienne Lachlan *Tilly* Fielder
    DW's occupation: doctor
    DW's maiden name: Lachlan
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Nora Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Harry Bernard
    DW's father's former occupation: trucker
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Bethany Samantha *Beth*
    DW's sister's occupation: pharmacist
    DW's sister's husband's name: Zeben Bronx Mitchell
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: fireman
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Eli Colin

    DS(10): Emmett Ryan

    DS(7): Elliot Brandon *Leo*
    DS(7): Noel Anthony

    DD(5): Aurora Aster *Rory*

    DD(4): Ruby Madeline

    DD(2): Seraphine Victoria *Sera*

    DD: Zoe Faith
    DS: Beau Edward

    Male dog (5): Domino
    Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

    Female cat (2): Pandora
    Breed: Maine Coon
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    New Hampshire
    DS: Alexander Jack (10)
    DS: Sebastian Daniel (7)
    DS: Julian Noel (7)
    DD: Vera Eve (5)
    DD: Madeline Alice (4)
    DD: Anya Victoria (2)
    DS: Paige Holly (nb)
    DS: James Archer (nb)

    Alex, Seb, Ian, Vera, Made, Anya, Paige, James

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