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    Feb 2013
    DS(10): Emmett Samuel

    DS(7): Grant Jacob
    DS(7): Charles Peter "Charlie"

    DD(5): Lacey Charlotte

    DD(4): Madeline Alice

    DD(2): Victoria Gwyneth

    DD: Elena Faith "Lena"
    DS: James Edward

    Male dog (5): Sam
    Breed: yellow lab

    Female cat (2): Lily "Lil"
    Breed: American shorthair

    Emmett, Grant, Charlie, Lacey, Madeline, Victoria, Lena, and James with Sam and Lil

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    Oct 2012
    Where you live: Seattle, WA

    DH(32): Felix Patrick
    DH's occupation: College English teacher
    DH's surname: Laszlo
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Daphne Anne
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Vincent Sylvester
    DH's father's former occupation: Owner of local musical instrument shop
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Maxwell Dean
    DH's brother's occupation: Assistant Manager of a home construction company
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Wendy Hopdangle
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: Kindergarten teacher

    DW(30): Olivia Juliet
    DW's occupation: Journalist
    DW's maiden name: Larkson
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Kimberly Alice
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Oliver Joseph
    DW's father's former occupation: Adoption Counselor
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Valerie Paige
    DW's sister's occupation: Owner of a successful clothing company
    DW's sister's husband's name: Tully Matthews
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: Security Guard for Alec Baldwin (brave)
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Fievel Wesley

    DS(10): Flynn Ryan

    DS(7): Sage Harper
    DS(7): Lark Anthony

    DD(5): Aurora Eve

    DD(4): Ruby Elle

    DD(2): Lola Ione
    DD: Zoe Delilah
    DS: Dexter James

    Male dog (5): Ozzie
    Breed: French Bulldog, fawn coat

    Female cat (2): Missy
    Breed: Exotic Shorthair, white with spotted orange coat
    aurora- autumn- ashwyn- bambi- bernadette- calliope- emmalou- henriette- indigo- ione- january- lark- leela- llewellyn- lydia- marnie- molly- narnia- noelle- oralee- penelope- philomena- rain- raven- roxy- ruby- snow- tessa- thora- waverly- willow- winter- wren- zoe | abel- aesop- angus- banjo- bartholomew- bear- bruce- burkley- darwin- elliot- finn- flynn- foster- henry- indigo - knox - laszlo - lyle - navy - nemo - noah - otis - oakley - rainn - thatcher - thomas - thompson - titus - zen

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    Apr 2010
    Where you live: San Diego, CA

    DH(32): Felix Noah Foxwell
    DH's occupation: doctor
    DH's surname: Foxwell
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Olive Helen Foxwell
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Vincent George Foxwell
    DH's father's former occupation: owner of a few hotels
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Benjamin Nicholas Foxwell
    DH's brother's occupation: house builder
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Ashley Emily Ravensdale
    DH's brother's girlfriend's occupation: nurse

    DW(30): Vivienne Grace Lowe
    DW's occupation: doctor
    DW's maiden name: Lowe
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Florence Priscilla Lowe
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Oliver Stephen Lowe
    DW's father's former occupation: pilot
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Samantha Amy Lowe
    DW's sister's occupation: lawyer
    DW's sister's husband's name: Neo Pierce Smith
    DW's sister's husband's occupation: district attorney
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Simon Lowe Smith

    DS(10): Samuel Alexander Foxwell
    DS(7): Jacob Sebastian Foxwell
    DS(7): Peter Benjamin Foxwell
    DD(5): Isla Charlotte Foxwell
    DD(4): Elle Katherine Foxwell
    DD(2): Rose Seraphine Foxwell
    DS/DD(NB): Nola Ethel Foxwell & James Nicholas Foxwell

    Male dog (5): Walt
    Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

    Female cat (2): Queenie
    Breed: british shorthair

    Olive, Vince & their sons: Felix & Ben
    Ben & Ashley

    Flo, Oliver & their daughters: Sam & Vienne.
    Sam, Neo & thir son: Simon.

    Vienne, Felix & thir children: Sam, Jake, Pete, Isla, Ellie, Rosie, Nola & Jamie.
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    Oct 2013
    Where you live: Brighton, England

    Husband (32): Alexander Jacob
    Occupation: Veterinarian
    Surname: Fitz
    His Mother/Grandma (55): Penelope Jean
    His Father/Grandpa (63): William Toby
    Father’s former occupation: owner of a bakery
    His Brother/Uncle (28): Leo Benjamin
    Occupation: construction worker
    Brother’s girlfriend: Mia Elizabeth Mellon
    Occupation: Preschool teacher

    Wife (30): Charlotte Olivia
    Occupation: Pastry Chef
    Maiden Name: Langston
    Her Mother/Grandma (63): Wendy Victoria
    Her Father/Grandpa (68): Theodore Stephen
    Father’s former occupation: Missionary
    Her Sister/Aunt (33): Ruby Paige
    Occupation: Criminal Profiler
    Sister’s husband: Everett Leo Watson
    Sister’s son/Cousin: Jasper Owen

    Son (10): Jack Alexander
    Son (7): Grant Jacob
    Son (7): Ezra Benjamin
    Daugher (5): Isla Jade
    Daughter (4): Ruby Katherine
    Daughter (2): Daisy Victoria
    Son/Daughter (unborn): Zoe Paige/Archer James

    Male Dog (5): Domino
    Breed: Harlequin Great Dane

    Female cat (2): Elsa
    Breed: Ragdoll
    Caroline Phoebe Isobel Vivian Alice Pearl Katerina AmΓ©lie Rose Tess Nina Blair Margot Sasha

    Alaric Theodore Reid Henry Leo Holden Felix Graham Ezra Alexander Milo Maxwell Ronan Jasper

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    DH(32): Alexander Laurence "Laurie" Falk, Attorney
    DH's mother/'grandma' (55): Rosemary Anne Falk, Banker
    DH's father/'grandpa' (63): Larry Douglas Falk, Owner of a Construction Company
    DH's brother/'uncle' (28): Damien Andrew Falk, Carpenter
    DH's brother's girlfriend's name: Jessica Marie Twelvetrees, Childcare worker

    DW(30): Diana Vivienne Labrador, PhD Candidate
    DW's mother/'grandma (63): Priscilla Marilyn Labrador, Accountant
    DW's father/'grandpa' (68): Malcolm Oliver Labrador, Firefighter
    DW's sister/'aunt' (33): Ruby Elaine Labrador, Editor
    DW's sister's husband's name: Suraj Amrit Patel, Actor
    DW's sister's son/'cousin' (1): Davi Charles Patel

    DS(10): Desmond Robin Falk

    DS(7): Remy Elliot Falk
    DS(7): Noel Benjamin Falk

    DD(5): Vera Charlotte Falk

    DD(4): Josephine Ruby Falk

    DD(2): Anya Rose Falk

    DD: Apolline Holly Falk
    DS: Edward James Falk

    Male dog (5): Walt
    Breed: Poodle

    Female cat (2): Missy
    Breed: Persian

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