View Poll Results: Does Arya make you think of "Aryan race"? Do you think it's racist to use it?

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  • No, Arya doesn't make me think of Hitler's ideology and I don't think it's racist.

    44 57.14%
  • Arya does make me think of "Aryan race", but I don't think it's racist to use this spelling.

    16 20.78%
  • I think Arya might be offensive, but Aria is fine.

    17 22.08%
  • I think both Arya and Aria are racist.

    0 0%
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Thread: Is Arya Racist?

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    Is Arya Racist?

    I've heard quite a few different opinions about the spelling Arya and I wonder what you think.
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    Almost everyone nowadays will think of Game of Thrones. The name is also used (for boys) in Iran, where it's a mark of nationalist Persian pride. Neither of these have any racist overtones whatsoever, even though the Persian Arya is the actual origin of the term Aryan.

    However, there WILL be a small fringe element who would use it specifically to convey white supremacy. I think it applies as well to Arianna / Aryanna. And the Y more obviously suggests that than the I.

    It depends if you're trying to get the pronunciation ahr-ee-ah, three syllables like the operatic passage, or the ar-ya one.
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    I don't think so. Naming your son Aryan would definitely make you seem racist.

    But Arya is just a variant spelling of Aria and a Game of Thrones character.

    I think it helps that the pronunciation of Arya and Aryan is different.
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    I didnt even think of Hitler. To me it just looked like a different spelling of Aria. And Aria makes me think of music.

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    Yes, Arya definitely reminds me of Aryan. I would steer clear. I do like Aria though and that doesn't make me think of Aryan at all.

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