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    Antigone? Thoughts?

    Over the past few days dh and I have been talking girls names a lot and he actually came up with the suggestion of Antigone(which is kind of big because so far he's been pretty passive in the naming process and ok with pretty much anything I pick.)
    I hadnt really considered Antigone before, but I like it a lot. (:
    We're leaning towards giving 2 middlenames and more than likely one of them will be a Mary variation(probably Mary, Maria, Mariah, Maris, Mariam, Mariel, Mariette, Marianne, Rosemary, Malia or Moira.)
    Our other joint top choices atm are Cosima and Lyra.

    Wdy think of Antigone?

    Baby Cosima,
    expected to arrive in or around September

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    It's not really my style, but I quite like it. I see "anti" and "gone" when it's written down, though, which kinda bothers me. Not sure if it matters, but I think it goes really well with your other top choices.
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    I think Antigone could be a fun mn. I would personally never consider it for anything else. Here is why:

    1) The myth is too tragic and well known. Antigone, Pandora, Cassandra and Madea are just non-starters for me. I spent too much time as a kid reading their stories to not automatically think of them. (Ariadne, Jocasta and some others as well...)

    2) People just can’t seem to read the name right. Even after having our English teacher correct her students a bagillion times and all of them being bi-lingual (meaning they should be able to wrap their heads around alternative pronunciations) there were still too many Anti-gones.(and that brings me to.....)

    3) Anti Gone. I mean I realize that technically means HERE. But well I don’t know if I’d want my child’s name to have either the prefix anti- or the word gone in it, let alone together.

    I personally strongly prefer Ismene’s name to her sisters. (Yes I do know about Is meanie but with the option of Esme as a nn I just love her).
    Yes, people talk about how brave and strong and principled Antigone was, but she was also totally pig-headed - and so dramatic she basically killed herself. Anyway, I think it’s probably a wise decision for you to re-read/read the original play before making a final decision on the name. Not everyone else sees her as negatively as I do. Antigone by sight and sound alone is always intriguing, a little different and beautiful.
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    I agree, the story immediately comes to mind and is just too sad (that's why I'd never use Persephone, pretty as it is ... or Jocasta ). Like lexiem, I always preferred Ismene. Her character had some admirable traits and isn't quite as tragic. There's also the meaning (anti-mother or against offspring, something like that), and the fact that those who are unfamiliar with the play might say Anti-gone.

    Of course, it does sound lovely. I might endorse Antigone more strongly if I didn't love your other contenders. Cosima, in particular, is mysterious and has old Greek origins, but without the shadow of tragedy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by polina View Post
    It's not really my style, but I quite like it. I see "anti" and "gone" when it's written down, though, which kinda bothers me. Not sure if it matters, but I think it goes really well with your other top choices.
    Same here. I first heard of Antigone the other week, and thought it to be quite an unusual name. If I had to use it, I would choose it as a middle name rather than a first name - out of your other suggestions, I think Marianne Antigone or Antigone Marianne could work. Marianne is very pretty.
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