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    Sawyer Grace Waye - ?

    I love the name and my husband also loves it, but lately i have been worrying about whether or not we are making the right choice. What do you think of the name (aside from Sawyer being traditionally masculine), can you find anything wrong with the name? Sawyer Grace Waye. Thanks.

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    I love the repetitive w y’s in Sawyer and Waye. I also like that you choose a classic girly name for the middle name. Overall I think the combo is gorgeous.

    However... (because of course there had to be one)... Sawyer has always sounded masculine to me. This might because I’ve never meet a female Sawyer before but I tend to think of Tom Sawyer and that obviously leads me to “male”. Honestly if you introduced your kid as Sawyer Grace all the time I probably wouldn’t have thought about it twice but with mn’s not being used much it does only soften the first name on paper. Obviously though when you choose Sawyer you knew it was a masuline/unisex name and I assume you like/are okay with that. So I’d say go for it.

    But... consider if you plan on having/or already have another daughter, are you thinking you’ll go for another unisex or masculine name? For example: If I meet a women who said “I have two kids Sawyer and Alexandra” I’d assume boy-girl, “Sawyer and Alexis” could be boy-girl or girl-girl “Sawyer and Xavier” boy-boy etc.
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    I don't care for the name at all, I'm afraid. For a female name, I like strong, feminine names with a lot of character, and I just feel that Sawyer falls short. I've never liked the fad of last names as first names, and the name is very masculine as well. It feels trendy to me, as though one is trying too hard to get a "cool" name.

    I do apologize if that sounds harsh, but I think from your post, that you were looking for honesty.
    Best of luck!

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    Sorry, but one of my pet peeves is boys names on girls. I can't get behind it. The flow works well and the most important thing is that you love the name. But if it were me, I would go much more feminine.

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    I love sawyer

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