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    Help naming main character!

    3: ‘A,B,C NAMING X’ Form

    Genre of Story: Mythological

    Time Period/Location: Present day, Norway

    Brief Plot: Dealing with Norse gods: descendant of Skadi finds a fallen Loki, and thus begins an adaption of the events leading up to Ragnarok.

    Names of Current Characters: Signe Amundsen(grandmother), Hilde Adair (mother), Patrick Adair(father)

    Character Description: 23 year old woman, loyal (kind of a resurrection of Sigyn), caring, but sarcastic and can definitely hold onto anger for too long.

    Already Considered (if relevant): Neve, Vilde (Alvhilde), Silje, Merete (goes my Mette?), Oline/Olina, Brynhilde/Brynja, Haldora, Annisette, Annfried

    Anything else?: Does anyone know of a name that is pronounced eye-LIS? I've looked at all the variations of Eilis, but that is a -ish sound at the end. It popped in my head after it accidentally came out of my mouth when calling my cat Isla.

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    Eyelis, why not?

    Sigyn means victorious, why not Nike, or another Nic- name, lol no pun intended.

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    "Eye-lis" would be perfect. I would make my own spelling and meaning. As a variation to Isla or Eilis. Maybe Ilis or Eylis.

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