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    Thoughts On My Updated Girls List?

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    Adelaide - beautiful. I met an Adelaide at uni, and want to hear it on more people.
    Adeline - also lovely
    Adelina - for some reason I prefer this without the 'a'
    Amelie - Yes. Beautiful french name.
    Arden - I wanted to use this, if it didn't clash with my surname.
    Aspen - Can't get into it - maybe because it reminds me of Asprin?
    Auden - Not a fan, Arden sounds prettier, or Audrey
    Aubree - Prefer it spelled Aubrey
    Azula - New to me, but nice sound
    Chantal - I know older Chantals, so it doesn't feel very fresh to me
    Charlotte - always lovely, although there are many Charlottes
    Cora - I don't dislike it, but it doesn't grab me
    Della - Not a fan
    Delta - Very hard for me to seperate this name from Delta Goodrem!
    Eleanor - One of my favourites. Yes.
    Elowen - Lovely! I taught a student with this name, and fell in love with the name.
    Emerson - Not sure that I love it for a girl.
    Emmeline - Sweet.
    Finlay - I like this, for boys and girls. Maybe I like it on boys more, because I feel there are even better names for girls out there.
    Flannery - Don't like it, the sound is not appealing to me.
    Gisela - Not a fan of the 'a'
    Gisele - Lovely, makes me think if Giselle the ballet
    Grace - I feel this name has been over done, but, it is nice.
    Hadley - This doesn't excite me.
    Harlow - Nor does this.
    Harper - Sweet name, I know a darling blonde Harper but I prefer you other names.
    Hattie - I just can't get over the 'hat' connotation I'm afraid.
    Isla - I love this. Simple and beautiful.
    Lucy - Pretty.
    Lux - Cool middle name possibility.
    Marley - No, I get dog-name feelings.
    McKinley - Not my style
    Mila - Not a fan
    Noelle - lovely.
    Nora - Cute! I like this as a nickname for Eleanora
    North - Quite nice, as a middle
    Oakley - I used to love this one, it's pretty but maybe doesn't have the substance and history I like.
    Penelope - Nice, although I really don't like the nickname Penny.
    Reese - No, I don't like it on boys and even less on girls.
    Sailor - Cute
    Scarlett - I like this
    Silje - Yes, this is beautiful!
    Silja - perhaps prefer the one above.
    Sloane - Nope. To masculine to me.
    Valencia - I love this. I also like Viveca at the moment.
    Willow - a peaceful choice
    Zara - I like this too

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellaj18 View Post
    I'm not expecting, or anywhere close to kids, but I want to see what other people have to say about my girls list, which was recently updated! Any suggestions to what you think I'd like would be greatly appreciated. Say what you want about the names, be brutally honest, I'm not going to be offended! Thanks so much! Here's the list:

    Adeline- love
    Adelina- cutsy
    Arden- mn bases only,, very manly looking on paper
    Aspen- too trendy
    Auden- nope
    Aubree- breezy
    Azula- pretty simple dulcet dainty
    Chantal- too much of a brand name
    Charlotte- solid classic that may become over-done
    Cora- Love
    Della- as a nn only, maybe from Delphine or Adelmonde
    Delta-airline anyone?
    Eleanor- good classic very stately
    Elowen- pretty flowery-like frilly
    Emerson- too boy for me
    Emmeline- pretty but the pankhurts ruined this for me imo
    Finlay- see emerson
    Flannery- very quirky/spunky
    Gisela- exoyic, lovely
    Gisele- ditto yp gisela
    Grace- pretty but common virture name
    Hadley- nope to trendy and a boy for me
    Harlow- not pretty on paper
    Hattie- as a nn love it for henrietta
    Indira- pretty off beat
    Lucy- as a nn not as a full name prefer Lucianna nn lucy
    Lux- to sci-fi imo
    Marley- a dog and a boys names for me
    McKinley- LOVE
    Mila- so-so, slightly boring
    Noelle- very much a christmas name, mn basis only imo
    Nora- nn for Eleanor
    North- nn for Eleanor
    Oakley- sunglass used for ruff activities predominately used as shooting glasses and a boys name

    Penelope- LOVE
    Reese- to Reece withersppon for me and very Boyish
    Sailor- I think of little girl name Sailor Aurora, but it strikes me as female pirate name for a book.

    Scarlett- great for a red-head child or a child born in fall months or Scottish/irish ancestory to honor, otherwise, it doesn't stand out to me as much as some of the other do...

    Silje- its looks youneek, but sounds interesting, can see an appeal factor there

    Sloane- This is odten coined for kate middleton's haughty demenor or someone with that "type" of disposition, something to consider.
    Valencia-LOVE, pretty, romantic, frilly
    Willow- earthy, not too over used but getting attention
    - Princess Zara, but I like it, its not fusty but quirky and offbeat

    hope it helps!

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    Emmeline love, love, love
    Gisele I kind of like it, a little
    Grace I like, but I feel it's a filler middle a la Rose or Marie.
    Harper love-hate
    Isla I like
    Marley I like its cool vibe, but for some reason it reminds me of a dog.
    Mila Really like it
    Reese I like this but I think I prefer it on a boy.

    The rest I don't really care for.

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    Adelaide - Gorgeous name.
    Adeline - Lovely, although Adelaide is much more interesting.
    Adelina - I think I slightly prefer Adeline.
    Amelie - I much prefer this to Amelia. Beautiful.
    Arden - Feels trendy, but sounds beautiful.
    Aspen - Feels like another posh name like Bentley or Hardy.
    Auden - I prefer this on a boy.
    Aubree - I prefer it spelled Aubrey.
    Azula - Not my style, but sounds very interesting.
    Chantal - Feels very dated.
    Charlotte - A beautiful classic.
    Cora - Another stunning classic.
    Della - Not my favorite "ella" name.
    Delta - I like it, although it does remind me of the airline.
    Eleanor - Gorgeous.
    Elowen - Feels magical, I love it.
    Emerson - I like the sound of it, but I dislike it as a name. If I had to, I'd choose it on a boy.
    Emmeline - Lovely.
    Finlay - I prefer it on a boy.
    Flannery - This doesn't sound like a name to me at all.
    Gisela - I prefer Giselle.
    Gisele - Sophisticated dancer, but much better spelled Giselle.
    Grace - Overused, but beautiful.
    Hadley - I dislike it, very boring. Like the parents didn't take time to find a more interesting name. Sorry!
    Harlow - Trendy, but pretty.
    Harper - As above. If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose Harlow. It isn't as overused as Harper.
    Hattie - I love it as a nickname for Harriet.
    Isla - Still sounds fresh and happy.
    Indira - Great namesake, but the name feels very harsh. I'd prefer India.
    Lucy - Lovely.
    Lux - Distinctive yet familiar.
    Marley - Not my style, but it's okay. Too many people would associate it with the dog from Marley & Me.
    McKinley - The mountain is awesome, but there are much more fascinating names out there.
    Mila - Sweet, was my top choice before it became so popular.
    Noelle - Good for a Christmas baby.
    Nora - Quirky. I prefer it as a nickname for Eleanor and variations.
    North - Only as a boy middle.
    Oakley - I like Oak on boys.
    Penelope - I dislike it, but I can understand the appeal. Penny is lovely.
    Reese - Much prefer Rhys. On boys.
    Sailor - It's on my guilty pleasure list! Too cool.
    Scarlett - Sweet.
    Silje - I have a soft spot for most Scandinavian names.
    Silja - As above. I slightly prefer Silje.
    Sloane - I like the sound of it, sorry berries! But too trendy.
    Valencia - I love the city, dislike the name.
    Willow - Gorgeous!
    Zara - Feels ethnic, but makes a lovely alternative to Sarah.
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