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    These are my first instant thoughts when I look at these names. No offense intended, this is just my personal opinion and preferences

    Adelaide-makes me think of Australia
    Adelina-too frilly
    Aspen- makes me think of the tree
    Auden-seems made up
    Azula-seems made up
    Chantal-don't like at all
    Charlotte-pretty and classic
    Cora-pretty and cute
    Della-don't like
    Delta-makes me think of alpha, beta, etc...
    Eleanor-pretty and classic
    Emerson-a bit masculine and surname-y
    Emmeline-too fussy, much prefer Emma
    Finlay-too masculine
    Gisela-don't like
    Gisele-ok but not my style
    Grace-classic and pretty
    Hadley-don't like
    Harlow-don't like
    Harper-don't like
    Hattie-pretty and cute
    Indira-seems made up
    Lucy-pretty and cute
    Lux-don't like
    Marley-seems like a dogs name
    McKinley-don't like , hate all Mc names
    Mila-like, pronounced Mee-la not Mi-la
    Noelle-cute but only really for a Christmas/December baby
    Nora-pretty, cute and classic - my all time fave!
    North-no no no
    Oakley-don't like and too masculine
    Penelope-ok but not my style, bit too frilly
    Sailor-masculine and no no no
    Silje-don't know how to pronounce
    Silja-as above
    Sloane-no and too masculine
    Valencia-seems too name place-y
    Zara[/QUOTE]-don't like, too harsh

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    Adelaide - beautiful name, uncommon but familiar
    Adeline - also beautiful (pronounced Ad-uh-LEEN), I like Aveline even more though
    Adelina - again, gorgeous. I'm not sure if I prefer Adeline or Adelina. Maybe Adelina.
    Amelie - much prettier than the much more common Amelia
    Arden - nms but I prefer it for a boy
    Aspen - see Arden
    Auden - see Arden
    Aubree - trendy creative spelling of a male name, close in sound to Audrey which I can't stand, not much nice I can say about this tbh!
    Azula - spunky, exciting and pretty
    Chantal - I don't know about where you live, but here it I kind of tacky
    Charlotte - nice enough but nms, Lottie is cute
    Cora - sweet and simple
    Della - I'm undecided on what I think of Della, it's kind of pretty
    Delta - dislike, it's a Greek letter and mathematical symbol
    Eleanor - ok
    Elowen - I sort of like it, the fact that I can only think of Ellie as a nn puts me off a bit
    Emerson - not on a girl seeing as -son means son of
    Emmeline - ok but nms
    Finlay - I love it for a boy, I strongly dislike it on a girl
    Flannery - I dislike surname names
    Gisela - intriguing and unusual, I like it
    Gisele - I like this more than Gisela, I think I prefer the appearance of Giselle though
    Grace - simple and pretty, overused in the middle but nice as a first despite not being overly exciting
    Hadley - I dislike, trendy
    Harlow - see Hadley
    Harper - see Hadley
    Hattie - cute but I'm not sure if I would use it as a full name
    Isla - very pretty but my favourite spelling is Aila
    Indira - I'm not really a fan
    Lucy - nice enough, but not that exciting
    Lux - spunky and exciting, kind of short though
    Marley - nms
    McKinley - very trendy, also I don't think Mc/Mac names make sense on a girl
    Mila - pretty
    Noelle - nms, I dislike it because despite the fact it is a legit name it still seems like a cheesey feminisation of boy's name Noel to me
    Nora - pretty
    North - I dislike this
    Oakley - I dislike Oakley, it just sounds weird. I also think it sounds more like a boys' name
    Penelope - lovely name, plenty of nn opportunities - Penny, Nell etc
    Reese - I dislike this but I like the name Rhys for a boy. The only female I can imagine the name Reese on is Reese Witherspoon
    Sailor - this is not a name to me
    Scarlett - nms but still a pretty name
    Silje - interesting, unusual, beautiful but sounds very Scandinavian so gre
    Silja - I think I prefer the Silje spelling
    Sloane - you said you wanted honest opinions so I will be honest. I hate Sloane. I think it has a really ugly sound, I just can't see anything attractive about it. Sorry.
    Valencia - nms but when I say it out loud I automatically say it in a happy tone so I think it is quite a bright and happy name
    Willow - nice, I prefer Willa
    Zara - nms, I'm not really a fan
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    Aubree - but only if spelt Aubrey

    LOVELY (but not my style)
    Adeline - As I'm a huge fan of Madeline this feels like the 'M' is missing
    Adelina - Despite what I just said, I prefer Adeline
    Gisela/Gisele - Prefer Giselle or Giselda
    Hattie - much prefer as a nickname for Harriet or Henrietta

    Adelaide - I just can't get past the city in Australia
    Arden - I hear 'Harden' in a cockney accent
    Aspen - I dislike 'As' names... too close to ass
    Auden/Emerson/Finlay/Oakley/Reese/Sailor/Sloane - Too masculine
    Azula - Just sounds strange to me
    Chantal - Where I live this name is considered tacky
    Flannery - Makes me think of flannel
    Hadley/Harlow/Harper - too masculine/too trendy
    Lucy - I've just never liked this name. I can't put my finger on why
    Lux - Sounds like a brand not a baby
    Marley - too masculine. Ok as a nickname
    McKinley - reeeally not my style
    North - West
    Penelope - just doesn't sound nice to me
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    Adelaide - like it
    Adeline - I prefer this to Adelaide
    Adelina - Nice but prefer Adeline
    Amelie - Love Amelie, one of my favourites, sooo pretty
    Charlotte - Again Love this, another favourite of mine
    Cora - cute
    Eleanor - A classic, pretty and elegant
    Grace - Never gets old for me and really like seeing it as a firstname
    Isla - Really like it
    Lucy - Lucy is such a cute name, Love it!
    Lux - One of my name picks right now! So Love it!
    Scarlett - Always liked the name Scarlett

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    Adelaide- Classic, lovely, sophisticated. Love it!
    Adeline- Love it, I have it in my top 10!
    Adelina- Princessy, frilly, but not over the top. I really like it.
    Amelie- I prefer Amelia, Amelie is a bit awkward, but it is alright.
    Arden- eh, prefer Arwen. Arden sounds masculine to me.
    Aspen- Not really a fan. I'm not really a fan of most word names, and I feel like their are a ton of brands named Aspen.
    Auden- I like it, but I prefer it on a boy.
    Aubree- eh, it is kind of trendy, but it is okay. I prefer some of your other names.
    Azula- I like the sound of this, it has a beautiful sound and look, but it is too closely associated with the Avatar: The Last Airbender character for me.
    Chantal- NMS, it sounds a bit harsh to me.
    Charlotte- I really like Charlotte. Classic but not hip and vintage and sweet.
    Cora- Love Cora! So sweet. Short and to the point and no unfortunate nns. Classy. Not sure if the Downtown Abbey association bothers you, but it will probably make it rise in popularity (not that the show is a bad association, I love the show).
    Della- Eh, I would prefer it as a nn for something else like Adela or Delia, Adelina, but I guess it is alright on its own.
    Delta- This is the Greek letter for me, so I wouldn't use it, it would just be weird (since I'm Greek). So I'm not really a fan.
    Eleanor- Classy, with tons of nn options. I really like it.
    Elowen- I really like this one too. It just has a breezy, simpleness to it that I like.
    Emerson- I love this. For a boy. I hate it on a girl. One of my pet peeves. I just love it on a boy that I can't picture it on a girl at all, especially since it ends in -son.
    Emmeline- Love Emmeline. It has the Emmy sound which is really sweet, but it sounds classy and sophisticated and mature. It has all the positives of Emily and Emma, but without the popularity. Love it.
    Finlay- I don't really like this. I would prefer it on a boy, but I don't really like it on a boy either.
    Flannery- This doesn't even sound like a name to me, more like a fabric or something (oh, I'm thinking of Flannel), yeah no. How about Florence?
    Gisela- I've never really like Giselle, and Gisela gives me the same trying-too-hard vibe, and it sounds a bit snooty to me.
    Gisele- See Gisela
    Grace- eh, I'm not really a fan of word names, and I know a bunch of Graces, so it isn't really special to me anymore. I guess it is alright but nothing spectacular.
    Hadley- eh, I prefer this on a boy, but I don't really like it for a boy either. I don't know why I don't like it, it just doesn't seem feminine or masculine enough for me. Probably better for a pet.
    Harlow- I like it. I prefer it on a boy, but it is alright on a girl. I like your other names better though.
    Harper- I've never liked Harper. It doesn't seem girly enough to me, and it is kind of trendy right now, so it doesn't stick out to me.
    Hattie- I like it. It is a spunky, cute nn. I'll suggest Millie/Milly and Tilly too, since they fall into that category, and I love them even more than Hattie.
    Isla- I like it, it has a really pretty sound. I don't really like how it looks on paper, but I do like it as a name.
    Indira- It is pretty and unexpected, but nms. I can't picture it on a real person.
    Lucy- I like Lucy, it is sweet and falls into the same category as Hattie. I prefer it as a nn for Lucia or Lucienne or Lucinda, but Lucy is nice on its own too.
    Lux- I like Lux a lot. Much more than I like Lucy (but not as much as Lucia or Lucinda, haha). It is spunky and cool. I have a character with this name, so I think of her, which makes me like it even more.
    Marley- I think of Marley and Me and Marley from A Christmas Carol. So I can't picture this on a little girl, or any girl.
    McKinley- It is alright, but Idk it just blends in with the Mc- trend, and frankly, I'm not a fan of that trend.
    Mila- I like Mila. I don't love it, but I like it.
    Noelle- I love Noelle. It is established but unexpected, which I like. And it has no real nn options, except for Elle, which I like.
    Nora- I like Nora, it is classic and simple and not too dusty or trendy. I like it.
    North- better for a mn. North is a direction, so I wouldn't use it as a first. My friend has a cousin named South, and she makes fun of his name all the time, so that is why I'd avoid it. I know kids get picked on for everything, but names sometimes don't help.
    Oakley- eh, it sounds masculine to me.
    Penelope- I like it. Love the nn Penny and Poppy for it. And Nellie. So many lovely nn options!
    Reese- eh. I like Rhys, but only for a boy. So Reese isn't attractive to me.
    Sailor- I'm not a fan of word names, and Sailor feels masculine to me.
    Scarlett- I like Scarlett. I like the association with Gone With The Wind (I read the entire novel, and trust me, you won't love Scarlett in the end, but she is a strong female character, which makes me like the name.)
    Silje- How do you pronounce this? Since I can't pronounce it, I'm going to say no, but if it has a really pretty sound, I'd say maybe. It depends on if pronunciation bothers you. Pronuciation is really important to me, since it I grew up with a name that is hard to pronounce and I didn't like it, it always bothered me.
    Silja- same as above.
    Sloane- eh, sounds masculine to me. How about Salome (end pronounced like the word me)?
    Valencia- it is okay, but I prefer Valentina or so Valerie. Valencia sounds dated to me.
    Willow- I like it, only because I think Willow trees are gorgeous. It is one of the only nature names that I like.
    Zara- I really like it. Zara sounds sophisticated and regal.
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