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    Names I love:


    Names I like/are okay:


    I don't care for any of the names I didn't mention.

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    Zara, Oakley, and Finley are my favorites. I prefer the ey at the end of Finlay.

    I think Isla is pretty, but prefer Iris, Inga! or Ivory for I names.

    Willow is nice, but I think I grew tired of her a while back. Still a great nature name though.

    Reese I like a lot lately, and I am not sure which spelling I like for girls. For boys I prefer Rhys, and I know I don't like Reece spelled with the c, but I am not crazy about the s either.

    Harper I cannot ever figure out if I like, which I assume means I must not love it. Harlow is ok, but not sure this could grow on me. Sort of reminds me of Harlem.

    Giselle I prefer with two Ls. Pretty, sophisticated.

    Elowen could grow on me despite I think of an elephant.

    Delia is not as pretty to my eyes or ears as Dahlia pronounced DAWLia.
    I think because it has the word Deli in it, it turns me off.

    Auden I like for a boy better and Arden is hard for me to say for some reason. I like Arden better than Auden.

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    amylette Guest
    Adelaide - Love all the Addy names. I love that it is a place name too.
    Adeline - Lovely name but prefer Adelaide.
    Adelina - Prefer Adeline.
    Amelie - Don't like
    Arden - I can only see a boy with this name
    Aspen - Like it. But I again see it on a boy more so than a girl. Aspyn in more feminine in my opinion
    Auden - It's ok.
    Aubree - Too common. I picture so Cali girl from the hills
    Azula - Different and Bold
    Chantal - Not a fan
    Charlotte - Beautiful Classic name
    Cora - Pretty (Reminds me of the little girl in Titanic)
    Della - Don't like
    Delta - The Airline
    Eleanor - Beautiful
    Elowen - Pretty and Bold
    Emerson - Like
    Emmeline - Prefer this to the one above
    Finlay - It's ok
    Flannery - No.
    Gisela - It's ok
    Gisele - I really like Gisele more so than Gisela
    Grace - Pretty but for a middle name. It's very popular where I live
    Hadley - Cute
    Harlow - Ok
    Harper - Love Harper
    Hattie - Cute
    Isla - Love
    Indira - Prefer India or Indigo. Not a fan of Indira.
    Lucy - Cute and Classic
    Lux - No
    Marley - Guilty Pleasure for me
    McKinley - Not a Fan
    Mila - Meh, Don't know what to make of Mila
    Noelle - Like prefer as a middle name
    Nora - Pretty and Classic
    North - Cute
    Oakley - Dislike - Sunglasses
    Penelope - Like. I just don't love any nicknames for this name
    Reese - Middle name
    Sailor - Different
    Scarlett - Pretty
    Silje -
    Silja -
    Sloane - Really love this lately. Guilty pleasure!!
    Valencia - Pretty
    Willow - Love
    Zara - Cute

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    Adelaide - very pretty, I think I like this name better in theory though than in actual use for some reason.
    Adeline - cute, I definitely can picture it on a young girl and am starting to see it in an adult woman.
    Adelina - I prefer Adeline
    Amelie - Pretty, similar to Emily but more unique and special
    Arden - Maybe as a middle name but not soft or special enough for me as a first name
    Aspen - Prefer as a middle name, I hear the word "ass" in it too strongly which isn't ideal in a first name
    Auden - dislike
    Aubree - Prefer spelling Aubrey, isn't my favorite but I don't hate it
    Azula - Could be pretty but would require a little exotic ancestry for it to work I think.
    Chantal - Dislike strongly... have met several trashy Chantals.. reminds me of a stripper name (no intention to offend)
    Charlotte - I like this name a lot, wish it were less popular
    Cora - Enjoy this, but a little short as a first name and doesn't lend to many appealing nicknames IMO
    Della - As a nickname enjoy but not as a full name by itself.
    Delta -Airlines
    Eleanor - Classy but a bit plebeian
    Elowen - I enjoy this name but it is hard for me to picture someone with the name
    Emerson - Not a fan for a girl, has some appeal to me on a boy
    Emmeline - Very, very pretty
    Finlay - Dislike Finlay, find Finley a little better but not on a girl
    Flannery - Unpleasant sounding
    Gisela - Pretty, but prefer without the "a"
    Gisele - Prefer this, but due to the supermodel Gisele I find it a little exotic and unusable
    Grace - As a middle name, enjoy it. Simple but pretty.
    Hadley - Friend has a dog named Hadley.. didn't love the name for a dog, really don't love the name or a person
    Harlow - For some reason always reminds me personally of the word "harlot" but enjoy it as a middle name
    Harper - Don't really enjoy the sound of Harper
    Hattie - Cute but more nicknamey than fullnamey
    Isla - Very pretty sounding
    Indira - Pretty, could be mispronounced easily though
    Lucy - I Love Lucy (hehe) but I prefer it as a nickname to Lucia/Lucille/Luc-anything than as a standalone name
    Lux - My sister loves this name but it rhymes naughty words, I could see it as a unique one-syllable middle name
    Marley - I like this name, not sure if I can picture it on an adult woman.
    McKinley - Not feeling it
    Mila - I never know how to pronounce Mila Kunis name, I pronounce My-luh which I like, but Mee-luh I like less.
    Noelle - I like it; prefer this spelling which lends itself to Elle as a nickname
    Nora- I like Norah a little better but I like Nora too
    North - West
    Oakley - Doesn't sound girly to me
    Penelope - I don't really like this name and that Penelope movie with Christina Ricci and the pig face didn't help it any lol
    Reese - As a middle name is OK, but doesn't do much for me
    Sailor- Interesting, doesn't seem like a girl's name could maybe see it as a boy's middle name
    Scarlett- Pretty, I wonder what nicknames as possible since "Scar" is uhh.. well, scar.
    Silje- Not sure how to pronounce it, google kind of helped. It has a pretty sound but would require an exotic ancestry for it to work I think
    Silja- Same as above
    Sloane - Sounds like a last name to me and doesn't appeal to me ears
    Valencia- Pretty sounding but would require a pretty special gal to pull it off
    Willow - I love the name Willow, a lot
    Zara - Not a fan, "Z" sound I don't care for in names overall I have found

    Hope this helps, tried to be as honest as possible, don't wish to offend anyone

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    Adelaide - A beautiful intriguing place name with a sense of class. She has a range of gorgeous nicknames. It's lovely.
    Adeline - A lovely classic choice feels more European for some odd reason than Adelaide.
    Adelina - Again lovely has a more flamboyant flair which I find attractive.
    Amelie - She sounds gorgeous, feels delicate and has a beautiful French vibe.
    Arden - I totally understand the appeal she feels very fashionable but not a favourite.
    Aspen - A lovely nature name she feels sparky and wholesome.
    Auden - See Arden
    Aubree - Prefer Aubrey I find this spelling trashy.
    Azula - See Arden
    Chantal - I dislike the sound and style of Chantal
    Charlotte - A gorgeous fresh choice, she's a classic and very stable. I also love the Lottie nickname.
    Cora - A spunky vintage choice. Lovely.
    Della - Not keen sounds harsh
    Delta - Not keen.
    Eleanor - Another gorgeous choice she has a range of lovely nicknames.
    Elowen - A fresh elegant choice with a lovely Cornish vibe.
    Emerson - I think I'd prefer Emerson for a boy...
    Emmeline - Another beautiful choice. I adore the range of nicknames such as Emme, Emma, Em etc. I also love the historical association of Emmeline Pankhurst.
    Finlay - It's a boys name.
    Flannery - I would prefer as a middle name like for example Rosalind Flannery.
    Gisela - Not keen on the sound of this choice. I think the 'a' sounds rather harsh.
    Gisele - I prefer Giselle spelling wise. It's a sweet choice.
    Grace - A lovely virtue choice. Grace sounds pretty, delicate and elegant. I also like the potential nickname of Gracie.
    Hadley - Not keen
    Harlow - I really like this choice, it's modern and cool. Would prefer as a middle name teamed with a feminine classic.
    Harper - Again a lovely choice with the great association with Harper Lee.
    Hattie - Nickname names are really popular in the UK (where I'm from) the name feels fashionable and sounds lovely.
    Isla - Another wholesome choice she's elegant and spunky.
    Indira - A lovely oriental inspired choice. Indira feels feminine and looks quirky.
    Lucy - I dislike it reminds me of the word 'loose'
    Lux - I love this choice, it's quirky, intriguing, and fresh
    Marley - Not a favourite prefer for a boy.
    McKinley - Really not keen on the 'mc' names.
    Mila - Another lovely choice. She feels really wholesome and has a gorgeous European sound.
    Noelle - A great French choice. She has a soft sound and feels elegant.
    Nora - Not keen.
    North - Very kimye haha ; ) prefer for a boy to be honest.
    Oakley - I prefer as a middle name something like Katherina Oakley would be better. It's not a favourite.
    Penelope - Another gorgeous classic with beautiful associations with Odyssey. I love the range of nicknames.
    Reese - I prefer Rhys as a boys name rather than for a girl. But still Reese is fine.
    Sailor - I do like the sound and style of Sailor but I'm not sure whether I'd actually use it.
    Scarlett - Another great choice. Scarlett is a lovely choice she has gorgeous Gone with the Wind associations and feels so sugary southern. It's lovely. I also love the Letty nicknames.
    Silje - Ugh I find it unattractive.
    Silja - Again I'm not keen on this choice.
    Sloane - I do like the style of Sloane, it's similar to Sailor.
    Valencia - An intriguing place name, she's quirky and elegant choice. But I prefer other place names like Geneva.
    Willow - A lovely nature name she's cool, fresh, and elegant. I prefer Willa as a nickname.
    Zara - Another fabulous choice. Zara feels quirky and vibrant. But she also feels regal. Zara is great.

    : )

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