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Thread: Jenna Eve?

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    Jenna Eve?

    I have to say, I'm surprised at myself! This new combo is completely different from what I usually like, but I can't help but find myself falling in love with Jenna Eve! So:

    1. Is Jenna usable, or has Jennifer's popularity sucked it dry?

    2. My aunt's name is Jennifer. Would it still be OK to use Jenna?

    3. What do you think of Jenna as a name?

    4. Does Jenna Eve sound good together? If not, suggestions for middle names (or firsts for Eve, which I LOVE as a middle!)
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    Honestly, it sounds too much like Genevieve. I'd rather just see that name.

    I work in a preschool class with two Jennas, a Jenna Rivers, and Jenna Elise. I love both of their names, especially Jena Rivers!

    I think Jenna is a very sweet name. I'd use it if I were you
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    I agree that it sounds too much like Genevieve (which I also prefer). Jenna Eve looks pretty though.

    I think Jenna is usable, I know one and she doesn't have any Jennifer-related problems.

    I think it's fine, unless you don't care for that particular aunt and would rather not honor her through a name.

    Jenna is cute and sporty. I like it! I can see Jenna working with nature names- Jenna Hazel, Jenna Lark, Jenna Ember, etc. I feel like Eve can work with lots of names, since it's pretty simple being only one syllable. I recommend finding a name that's not a noun, so the name doesn't become a description.
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    Have to agree that Jenna Eve sounds like Genevieve. I think should would be called that a lot by mistake. Overall, I do think it's a pretty name. I know a Jenna and she never had a problem with people calling her Jennifer.
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    I agree with the whole genevieve thing. Jenna is perfect, not too out there/unusual or too trendy/populaur.

    Hmmm Jenna is a hard one to find a middle:

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