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    What do I do?! Please help!


    My boyfriend and I are welcoming a little girl next month and we still can't agree on her name! I am absolutely in LOVE with the name Ava and haven't found anything I remotely like as much as Ava. My boyfriend, however, hates it! He thinks it's boring, unoriginal, and ugly. He loves "Mackynnleigh" (yes, that spelling) and "Cyber" (we live in a big city so he wants something "unique") which I cannot stand. What do I do?! I don't like any forms of Ava (like Avalon, Aveline, Eva, and so on) and he won't budge.

    Do you have any suggestions that I may like that are a little more unique but still girly (and not made up/a legitimate name or misspelled)?

    Thank you so, SO much!

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    I kind of like Ada and Freya but I don't love them

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    Everly and Elodie came to mind
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    He likes McKinley, You like Ok:

    Amity, Annabeth, Brighton, Bay, Clio, Coral, Demi, Aura/Ora, Oriana, Lark, Embeth

    Ellis, Fiona, Giselle, Hollis, Ivory, Ivana, Inga, Jodelle, Janvier, Cambria

    Julianne, Nova, Alexandria with nickname landri, zandi, andria, andi, etc and maybe let him spell the nicknames?

    Vera, Verity, Beverly, Laurence with nickname Laurie, Lauren, or wren, laney, etc.

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