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    Post A Little Help From My Fellow Name Nerds

    Hi Everyone!
    My sister is expecting her 4th baby (and 3rd girl) and as her best friend and the official family name nerd, she's looking to me for some killer suggestions. I'm coming up a little short handed this round, so I'm looking to you for suggestions.

    She prefers:
    • Short Names- all of her kids have 2 syllable names (not a hard rule though)
    • Ones that are not easily nicknamed
    • Slightly avant garde but not so weird that people give her looks
    • Nothing overly frilly or old fashioned
    • there can't be any "S" names - her twin girls have S names and she doesn't want big brother to feel left out of the "S" club
    • Brother's name starts with C, so any C names are a plus!

    So you have a general idea of what she likes, the names currently on her "I like that" list are Cora, Lilah, Peridot and Ember
    Names she has said absolutely no to include Luna, Olive, Alice, Claire and Mena (which actually got a meh)

    Your suggestions are much appreciated!

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    Avis/Mavis, Flora, Layla, Sedile, Lila, Mari, Marla, Mia, Willow, Penna, Tacey, Ursel,..a bit of stretch Viola, Olive, Aubray, Eluned, Ailith, Edith, Ethel, Orla, Olga, Annie,Aliva,Eileve, Dulcie, Maerwin/Merewin, Senna, Dova, Mira, Flossie,Estrill/Astrill, and Fleurette.

    I hope I gave you enough of a wide variety of both familiar and off beat.

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    c a r a

    Francesca Violet / Arden Sage / Ramona Lux
    Allegra // Cecily // Faye // Harper // Lyla // Poppy // Romilly // Tansy // Zosia

    Dashiell Robin
    Arlo // Asa // Cedric // Eliot // Flynn // Jasper // Leo // Mason // Otto // Roman // Seth

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