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    Please give your honest thought on this list!


    Any thoughts on this list GREATLY appreciated. Maeve's little sister is due in June and our list is far too long! Thank you!

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    First of all, congratulations on the new little one!
    There are some great names on this list. I think my top three favorites as a sister to Maeve are (in no particular order) Seren, Liore, and Flora. They are all very beautiful on their own and, in my opinion, flow very nicely with big sister's name.

    Hope this helps!

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    My favorites with Maeve are:

    Violet - a gorgeous name, it's not too popular but everybody knows it
    Lola - beautiful but also quirky, it makes the sibset very spunky
    Esme - sounds very sophisticated and would make the sibset sound very classical/sophisticated
    Hazel - has the same feel as Maeve
    Elinor - I usually prefer the Eleanor spelling but with your daughter's name Elinor seems perfect, it looks a bit more fun and friendly
    Flora - is one of my personal favorites so it sticks out to me but it blends very well with Maeve

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    Nell- Feels a little short. Nell could be a nice nn for Nellie or Eleanor.
    Noa- It is okay, but since Noah is really popular on boys, I would avoid it.
    Delphi- Too Oracle of Delphi for me. How about Delphine or Delphinia?
    Ines- Kind of old sounding, especially with the sleek and sassy Maeve.
    Violet- I really like this, I think it makes a great sister for Maeve.
    Io- I don't really like this, especially with Maeve, completely different styles.
    Lola- I like Lola with Maeve, but prefer some of the other names on your lists.
    Beau- for a sister? Beau is all boy to me. I think it would make a good brother for Maeve.
    Greer- I like it, but I would like something more girly than Greer with Maeve, it sounds really harsh and boyish with Maeve.
    Scout- This is a one character name for me, and I don't like it for a girl, it feels really masculine.
    Thea- Love this with Maeve.
    Seren- I like Seren with Maeve. Not my favorite, but I like it.
    Esme- Esme and Maeve are a little close for me, since Esme and Maeve share the May sound. Shame because I love Esme!
    Hazel- I love Hazel with Maeve, they both have a stylish not too frilly feel to them.
    Liore- prefer either Lior (which is unisex, you can use it for a girl) or Liora, Liore looks misspelled to me. I really like Liora and Maeve together.
    Henrietta- Too stylistically different from Maeve. Maeve is hip and stylish, where Henrietta is vintage and old ladyish. I don't really like Henrietta either way.
    Elinor- Maeve and Eleanor (prefer this spelling but Elinor is alright too) are alright together, but I think your other names go together better, has the same problem as Henrietta.
    Imogen- I've never been a fan of Imogen, but Imogen and Maeve go well together. I really dislike Imogen though.
    Sena- I don't really like it, but I guess Sena and Maeve go alright together. How do you pronounce Sena?
    Flora- I really like Flora, and it is nice with Maeve.
    My favorites with Maeve are Violet, Hazel, Lior(a), Seren, & Thea.
    I hope that helped, congrats and good luck!
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    Nell-- Seems a little incomplete for a whole name.
    Noa-- This actually sounds really sweet for a girl.
    Delphi-- A little too out there for my taste, sorry.
    Ines-- See above ^
    Violet-- One of those sweet-spot names that you can't go wrong with. I adore this name!
    Io-- *See Nell
    Lola-- Sweet, simple, and so so spunky. Loooove.
    Beau-- Prefer this on a boy!
    Greer-- Spunky tomboyish name. Not my favorite, but I like it.
    Scout-- I prefer this on a boy, but I think it's super cool for a girl too.
    Thea-- A very underused name. I'd love to meet a Thea!
    Seren-- Hmm. Interesting. Not sure how I feel about it.
    Esme-- *See Thea. I love this name as well!
    Hazel-- I've never really been a fan. I think you have much better choices on your list.
    Liore-- I think of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, sorry.
    Henrietta-- This name feels so stuffy to me, sorry.
    Elinor-- Spell this like Eleanor, and I think it's a winner all around.
    Imogen-- Sweet name. Goes well with Maeve!
    Sena-- Seems like a misspelled version of Sienna.
    Flora-- Eh. It's just okay.

    The ones that go best with Maeve are Imogen, Elinor(Eleanor), and Thea. Although I love Esme, I think the "May" sound is too close to Maeve. I think Maeve and Thea is the cutest combo! Keep us posted on what you choose!
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