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    Names too Tied to Character/Person to Use?

    Hi berries,

    Are there any names that you love, but are too connected to a character or person that you could never use it?

    For example, I really like the name Forrest, but I don't think I would ever use it because of Forrest Gump.
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    I personally love some of my favourite names because of a character. I would love to use Hermione (Harry Potter) and Caspian (Narnia) for example!

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    I really like the name Lolita but find it to be definitively unusable.

    I actually know a little boy named Forrest. I've never thought Forrest Gump where he's concerned.
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    Like jem, I love Caspian because it's a brilliant name and because of the character. I also love Edmund, Amadeus and Darcy (I'd use all of them if I could), but Sherlock is the name I love that's probably the the one too tied to a character to use, even as a middle.
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    I'm very drawn to literary names so them being tied to a fictional character isn't a problem for me, but it is with real people. As an example, I find the name Sophia very lovely but I knew a girl growing up who had a learning disability that made me find her extremely irritating (as a child myself) and now I can only think about that irritation when I hear "Sophia." I just can't help it.

    So there are a few names that have real-people associations for me that I can't get over. Which is ok because they're not names I'm particularly drawn to anyway but it means that instead of being indifferent when I hear them I may cringe a little on the inside lol.
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