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    Help name our first baby!

    We are due in August and we are not finding out the gender so picking a name is even harder! Hubby and I are having trouble agreeing on ANYTHING so I'm trying to compile a list of 30 names that he can narrow down from. My name is Katherine and his name is Joshua so we don't like anything too common as we both had the common Katy and Josh. Last name is Bell

    Ellanora Bell nn Ella or Nora - I actually think EllaBell is really cute
    Coraline Bell
    Lincoln Bell
    Tinsley Bell
    Matilda Bell
    Madeline Bell
    Beatrix Bell nn Trixie (too close to tinker bell??)
    Violet Bell
    Magnolia Bell nn Lola
    Delilah Bell
    Roselyn Bell

    Whats my style? What name do you love or hate? What do you think I would like besides whats on my list? Thanks!

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    I don't like Ellanora, but Eleanora is nice. Also, Lincoln Bell is Kristen Bell's daughter's name--maybe only name nerds know that? I probably wouldn't use it for that reason, but it doesn't really matter. My favourite from your list is Coraline.
    Luke Thomas 18/06/13

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    Ellanora Bell - I would definitely go with the spelling Eleanora. It's beautiful! Nellie Bell would also be really cute.
    Coraline Bell - gorgeous! Love it. Elegant and unusual.
    Lincoln Bell - for a girl? No way. For a boy, it's great.
    Tinsley Bell - not a fan I'm afraid. It makes me think of tinsel.
    Matilda Bell - probably my favourite! Love this name. The three syllables work really well with your one-syllable last name.
    Madeline Bell - pretty, a little blah as Maddie/Addie is so overused at the moment.
    Beatrix Bell - gorgeous! I actually quite like the alliteration here. Also, Trixie Bell is adorable for a little girl!
    Violet Bell - beautiful.
    Magnolia Bell - really gorgeous, but I wonder how well Magnolia will age. Actually, with the nns Maggie, Lola and Nola, probably very well!
    Delilah Bell - love the name, but there are a LOT of L sounds in this name. Probably too many, sorry.
    Roselyn Bell - pretty, but I personally prefer Rosamund or Rose. Also, the -lyn ending is so trendy right now.

    I wonder if you would like:
    Penelope Bell
    Harriet Bell (Hattie)
    Felicity Bell
    Eliza Bell

    Good luck!

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    My faves from your list are Roselyn and Madeline.
    I'd like Eleanora better than your proposed spelling.

    Others (your list seems girl-heavy, so here are some possibilities for boys):

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    My favorite is Coraline Bell. Cora Bell is a sweet nickname. I find EllaNora Bell and EllaBell to be too much. Lenora Bell would be cute tho. nn Nora Bell.

    Lenora just made me think of Loretta, Loretta Bell sounds really good to me too. possible nn Etta. Etta Bell is very similar to Ella Bell but without the Ell-ell.
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