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    Hattie Charlotte vs Phoebe Eleanor

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    I think Phoebe Eleanor has a better flow overall. It's very soft and feminine. Hattie Charlotte is just too many "t"s in one name.

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    Phoebe Eleanor or Hattie Eleanor. I like Hattie more than Phoebe but Charlotte does not work well with Hattie. First of all there are too many t's in one name and Charlotte is often nicknamed Lottie. It's basically the same nickname.
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    Phoebe Eleanor most definitely! It's a beautiful name. Hattie Charlotte is just too many t's! I also see Hattie as more of a nickname for Harriet and when I see Charlotte I see Lottie - Hattie Lottie!!

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    Like others have said, Hattie Charlotte has a few too many Ts in it. I also see the nickname "Lottie" when I see Charlotte which is so similar to Hattie. I think I Phoebe Eleanor or:

    Eleanor Hattie
    Charlotte Eleanor
    (I tend to like when there is some variation in syllables)

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