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    I think Coraline is the one I would choose from your list, since the idea of CoraBell is super cute.

    other names you may like: Lorena ( laurAYNah ), Fiona, Ivory, Imogen, Alexandria, ( zandy-bell )

    Helena ( hehLAYnah ) , Adrienne, Aura, Geneva ( soft g sound )

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    Eleanore Bell would let her go by either Ella Bell or Nora Bell. What a fun last name for a little girl.

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    Ellanora: I like the name but I would spell it as Eleanora instead.
    Coraline Bell: Love! I love the name Cora and all of the longer forms that go with it.
    Lincoln Bell: I like Lincoln for a boy, but not a girl. Also, this is Kristen Bell's daughter's name. I don't know if that bothers you or not!
    Tinsley Bell: I prefer Tenley, but I don't really like either of them. Just not my style!
    Matilda Bell: So adorable!
    Madeline Bell: I like Madeline but I would never use it because of the almost inevitable nickname Maddy.
    Beatrix Bell nn Trixie (too close to tinker bell??): Not a fan of alliteration.
    Violet Bell: I love the name Violet but with Bell it just sounds like you're talking about a purple bell.
    Magnolia Bell nn Lola: Beautiful
    Delilah Bell: I like this
    Roselyn Bell: This sounds so cute and sweet

    My favourite by far is Matilda!


    Susannah Bell
    Aurelia Bell
    Rosalind Bell (I like it better than Roselyn)
    Vivienne Bell
    Caroline Bell
    Clementine Bell
    Cordelia Bell
    Adelaide Bell
    Amelia/Amelie Bell
    Felicity Bell
    Florence Bell
    Genevieve Bell
    Juliette Bell
    Emmeline Bell

    Sorry for any repeats!
    les filles ~ Audrey Cordelia Eliza Fiona Hazel Lucy Mabel Viola

    les garçons ~ August Charles Griffin Hugo Isaac Jude Lachlan Theodore

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    I love any spelling of Elenora. Nora is a great nickname, after Nora Ephron the writer of When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. I also like Coraline and Magnolia from your list. For boy names, how about Archer, Atticus, Declyn, Gideon, Silas or Whitman? My friend named her son Lincoln after my suggestion because its so masculine and heroic, just what you need to balance out the "Bell." Good luck and Congrats!

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    Ellanora is a bit weird but Eleanor Bell sounds good. So do Madeline Bell, Matilda Bell, Coraline Bell and Violet Bell.

    I thonk you need a classic longer name for your surname which is short and has its double ll.

    Genevieve Bell
    Louisa Bell
    Rosalie Bell
    Veronica Bell
    Marguerite Bell
    Vivienne Bell
    Alexandra Bell
    Anastasia Bell
    Adelaide Bell
    Valentina Bell
    Seraphina Bell
    Evangeline Bell
    Gwendolen Bell
    Theodora Bell
    Evelyn Bell
    Constance Bell
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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