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    How should we Handle Bad Baby name Meanings.

    My baby name is Kennedy and I have no more knowledge about baby name meaning.I think this is not good for my baby.Please help me how i can handle bed response.

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    I understand that a lot of people truly care about meaning when naming their baby (especially here on this site), but to be honest most people don't. I think a great majority of parents just pick names they like and don't necessarily care about the popularity or meaning. If you like the name, you like the name and I don't think you need to defend your choice to anyone else.

    I strongly doubt your baby will be negatively affected by the name Kennedy. It's not a terrible meaning, really no different than say Claudia. We're not talking about naming your baby Adolf or Lucifer here. I grew up with a girl named Claudia and she had absolutely no issues with the meaning of her name. I think a child is more likely to be affected if you give them a name that opens them up for teasing, as opposed to a less than stellar meaning.

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    I think the personal meaning of the name is important. Sometimes that meaning is the same as the official meaning, other times it's more to do with the associations you have of that name.

    For example:

    I want to use Briar for my son. Now a briar is a type of rose and roses are seen as pretty feminine. However, I associate Briar with a male character in a book and that connection means more to me than the name's true meaning.

    I like Lilith. That fact that from some sources it means "night monster" is irrelevant to me. The mythology behind the name, where Lilith stands up to Adam is a positive for me and as such I would love to name my little girl Lilith.
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    For me, the official meaning of a name is somewhat important, as it would irritate me a bit if a name didn't have a great meaning, but at the same time, sound, look, and associations/ personal meaning contribute to how much I like a name as well. Even then, there are names I love (e.g. Pandora), which I can just imagine naming my (future) child, even though it has pretty bad associations. And to be honest, I doubt anyone else (who isn't a name nerd) would notice or care if a name had a bad meaning. Mary is a name that was (and still is a bit) very popular, but it means bitter, which isn't great, but it clearly didn't put people off using it.
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    Whether the meaning of a name is important is totally subjective. YOU have to decide whether the meaning of Kennedy is enough to turn you off the name itself. Some people take the meanings of names more literally than others (eg. Kennedy means "helmet-head chief" or "misshapen head". You can put you own spin on it: most babies are born with strange looking heads anyway and some even have to wear helmets to reshape their heads ; a girl named Kennedy can be hard-headed or stubborn; Kennedy is ready for battle to conquer the world etc...). What I'm trying to say is that although Kennedy is not my style, I don't think you should worry too much about the meaning of the name. I've heard far more horrible meanings in my travels (eg. Mallory means "unfortunate" so that's a name I wouldn't give to any daughter). Besides, how many people other than name nerds would know the meaning of Kennedy anyway?
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